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About Minette Riordan

Dr. Minette Riordan is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. She is author of the best-selling book, The Artful Marketer: A Fundamental Business Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. She believes that connection, creativity and spirituality are essential to designing your profitable business. Ready to attract more money? Sign up now for her free 7-day e-course “Money, Meditation and Mandalas” at www.PathToProfitAcademy.com

Spring Cleaning For A Woman’s Spirit!

If you are anything like me you are experiencing a bit of spring fever! Spring is my favorite time of year. How can we fail to embrace the Divine when we witness the outpouring of growth and life all around us? Although I would rather be outside admiring the giant purple lupin that are blooming everywhere, I realized that my Spirit could use a little spring cleaning!

The Creative Connection: How Creative Play Can Impact Your Business

Did you know that the way you see the world is creative and it’s your biggest business asset. Why? Because your creativity is what attracts people to you, it’s what sets you apart. And the more willing you are to share your magical, miraculous creative self with the world, the more your business will grow. Dr. Minette Riordan shares a quick creative activity that you can do right now to connect with your inner child.

7 Journaling Prompts to Connect with Your Courage

Could you use more courage in your life? Dr. Minette Riordan defines courage and shares how courage is a powerful core value that can help us create more of we want in our life. You will also find some insightful journaling prompts to help you remember that you are a courageous woman

3 Ways to Use Creative Play to Relieve Holiday Stress

Being a wife, mom and business owner is challenging enough. Add to that shopping, holiday parties and house guests and you have the perfect recipe for stress! Creative play is a powerful tool for helping you to relax and stay present in the moment, especially during the busy holiday season.

Finding Hope in Your Business Can Create Miracles

It’s been said that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and results. Finding hope when it seems like there’s none to be found can be tricky, but it is possible and it can make the difference between giving up on your business dreams and finding that success is just around the next corner. When you’re feeling down about your business, try these strategies to help bring back hope.

Rekindle Your Creativity to Grow Your Business: (Part One)

Often when we are feeling stuck in our business, what we are missing is connection to our own inner creative genius. Success comes from creative thinking as much as it does from taking action. Combine creativity with inspired action and it’s a formula for rapid growth. In the first of this two part series, Dr. Minette Riordan shares 5 ways tapping into your creativity enriches your business.

Rekindle Your Creativity to Grow Your Business – (Part Two)

In part two of this series, Dr. Minette Riordan shares 9 techniques for sparking your creativity. Get ready to have fund and be creatively inspired!

Busy Entrepreneur? Color Mandalas for Meditation and Relaxation

In creating a mandala we open ourselves to all the possibilities that exist inside and outside of us. If you are a busy entrepreneur who is struggling to find creative time to meditate and relax, then read on! Coloring mandalas has become part of my regular mindfulness practice and this practice has had a positive impact on growing my business, too. There is something about the act of coloring that keeps our hands occupied and allows our minds to settle, especially when work and family may be wearing us out.

Business Success Tip: Let Your Light Shine!

We can spend years and sometimes decades overcoming the belief that if we stand out, if we shine our brilliant light then something bad will happen: we will be judged, disliked or perceived as not enough. Sound familiar? When it comes to creating a personal or professional image for our business, it’s important to let your light shine. We know this, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Here’s a business tip so support you in winning the inner game and acknowledging and celebrating all of who you are!

5 Ways Gratitude Can Grow Your Business

Gratitude may be the missing element in your journey to entrepreneurial success. I say that because I know how hard it can be to build a profitable business. I have been there, feeling stuck in that space of “if I just work harder or if I just get one or two more clients, everything will be okay.” I have felt frustrated, dissatisfied and wondered if all the effort was worth it. What has saved me every time is gratitude.