Michelle Lemoi

About Michelle Lemoi

Michelle Lemoi offers life coaching to those who want to make a difference in their own lives first and the lives of others. A highly sensitive empath, Michelle left her over 20 year career in construction to pursue a more heart-centered path to those willing to dream big and design a life that focuses on women making themselves their #1 priority. Download Michelle’s free gift of 8 self-care practices to nurture you and cherish your Mornings at www.yourpartneringrowth.com

Affirmations – A Self-Nourishing Practice to Realize and Manifest Our Dreams!

Ever catch yourself talking negatively? It’s a slippery slope of downward perpetuating thinking! Michelle Lemoi shares 3 keys on the self-nourishing practice of affirmations to change our thinking so we can realize our dreams!

Forgiveness? Yes, please!

How many negative emotions might you be unknowingly harboring on a daily basis? Michelle Lemoi shares 3 steps on how to stop the VPR Triangle, let go of negative emotions, and create room for joy! Why you need to forgive you NOW!

Take Time for Sacred Connection in the Morning to Fuel Your Day

Imagine what you can achieve when you are filling your own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tank? Creating a morning ritual is a powerful sacred tool that nurtures you and prepares you for the day. Michelle Lemoi shares 8 self-care practices to create a sense of calm, peace, and awareness before you begin your day!

Embrace Your Midlife Journey!

Have you been living a life of “shoulds”? Now is the time to experience a breakthrough and embrace your midlife! Midlife can be a wonderful experience! A time to let go, breathe, love yourself, and create the life you deserve! It takes courage and strength, but you can do this. Your entire life to this point is part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to define you. Michelle Lemoi shares 6 steps and thought provoking journal questions for you to evaluate and embrace your midlife transformation.

Moments of Perfection: Creating a Miracle Mindset

Do you believe in Miracles? Have you ever experienced “Moments of Perfection”? Is life so busy that you are numb to those around you and to Nature? Michelle Lemoi shares three tips for creating a miracle mindset and opening our hearts, minds, and souls to “Moments of Perfection”.