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Melissa Rapoport works with people want to reclaim their bodies and love their lives once and for all. She creates personalized programs that incorporate nutrition, life goals and developmental psychology that result in lifetime change. Ready to give up diet books, unfulfilled dreams and failed attempts?

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Is Your Friend Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Food and eating are wrapped up into our friendships – we bond over meals, chat over dessert, and create memories over our food experiences. And, because that bond is so strong, your friends may want your food relationship to stay exactly as it is, particularly if you are “food buddies,” meaning that much of what you do together involves food. Your “food buddies” may fear you changing when you become more conscious of how food affects your body, your energy, and your overall health. They may question, “Will she leave me behind?”

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way! Learn to identify your food frenemies and what you can do to stay on track with your goals.

Stop Counting Calories & Enjoy Your Food With 3 Easy Mindset Shifts

Stop counting calories … and fat … and carbs and improve your relationship with food with three easy shifts.

The Key To Great Health: Go To Bed

We are a nation of bedtime procrastinators. Here’s one sure thing: Want better health? Go to bed!

Fitness Foods Encourage Us To Eat More & Exercise Less

New research demonstrates that fitness foods influence us to eat more & exercise less. Think nutrition bars, energy drinks, cereal and more

6 Easy Ways To Resist Eating Everything On Your Plate

Do you feel compelled to “clear your plate” every time you sit down to eat a meal? You are not alone. Learn how to break the overeating habit.

Summer Health Tips: 9 Ways to Boost Your Health This Summer … Beyond Sunscreen

When it comes to summer health care we often hear about the need to apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But the longer days of sun light and warm weather create an opportunity to buoy our health in ways that impact our lives well beyond Labor Day. Check out these summer health tips to deepen and expand the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Eat Your Way to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

What you put on your plate is more important than putting expensive creams on your skin. Create glowing, vibrant skin with skin-loving foods.

15 Signs You’re Healthy That Have Nothing To Do With the Scale

Many people believe that their weight defines the state of their health. In this empowering article I have defined 15 alternate ways to define oneself as “healthy.” You may be surprised that you are healthier than your scale implies.