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About Marianne MacKenzie

Marianne MacKenzie is a sought-after life and business coach who supports business women in living a Radically Engaged LifeTM. She is passionate, with a capital “P”, about supporting you as you step into your power as a Radically Engaged Woman to live and work with deeper meaning and purpose, develop a new mindset that supports your desires and create practices and tools to sustain your new lifestyle so you can play even bigger in business and life. Through Marianne's powerful Radically Engaged LivingTM personal and group coaching programs, high-impact events, and corporate and virtual speaking appearances, clients experience what it feels like to shift from living on autopilot to living a Radically Engaged Life. Claim your free Live YOUR Radically Engaged Life” E-Book & Audio at

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How YOU can find JOY this Season

Self-care is our responsibility. The way you care for yourself is an indicator of how evolved as a human being you are. REALLY? Yes, it’s true. An evolved person understands that our body/mind/soul are all interconnected and taking extreme care of all are imperative to experiencing JOY.

Saying YES! To A Different Future It All Begins With A Decision

I would like to share with you the first 2 of my RēL Woman! critical components that will allow you the ability to continue to create the life and business you dream about while sustaining your success through building a strong foundation.  Once you see the value of each one,  creating your own plan to more fully engage in your life becomes a priority.

Embrace Your Truth & Power as a RēL Woman

RēL Women are in the thick of business while working toward the highest quality life possible.  We are courageous women who are not willing to settle for anything less than everything we desire.  WHY?  Because deep inside we know that our desires are possible.  And we don’t give up.  We are a force to behold. 

Living a Radically Engaged Life: Stop Settling and Start Savoring Your Life

Welcome to the ongoing column series, Living A Radically Engaged Life™. It’s time to more fully live our precious lives with meaning and intention. To bring out our best and learn ways to sustain this level of our best-self. It requires engagement . . . Radical engagement in our own life. In this issue we gain clarity on where our happiness is depleted in our life. Through awareness we can take effective action to course correct and grow to experiencing joy. Let’s dive right in.

Radical Self-Care™: The Foundation for Creating Your Big Dreams

Radical Self-Care™ allows us to understand how caring for our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being is the most powerful way we can align to our true nature. It’s like coming home to ourselves again and again. #AspireMag Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares 5 steps to getting started on your Radical Self-Care™ journey.

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How Choosing to Live Radically Engaged Changed EVERYTHING

Expert Columnist and Life and Business Coach Marianne MacKenzie shares how hitting rock bottom led her to create and Live a Radically Engaged Life™. In the first column of her multipart series, Marianne shares 3 guideposts to help you identify how you are currently living and showing up in your life and how to begin living as a Radically Engaged Woman™.

3 Steps to Transform Your Self-Sabotaging

As we grow, stretch and step into the boldest vision we have for our lives it’s quite possible that old habitual self-sabotaging beliefs or habits will rear their ugly heads. The damage occurs when we allow that temporary self-sabotaging event to define us in some way and create a limiting belief about ourselves. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares the 3 steps that she uses with her clients to support them when self-sabotage shows up.

Release the Struggle and Get Ready for a Quantum Leap!

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Staying open and curious allows new perspectives and opportunities to show up and support you in being the best version of yourself and birthing the dream in your heart . This openness, combined with proven tools, and inspired action can lead to Quantum Leaps on your journey shares Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie.

Living a Radically Engaged Life! Set Down Your Phone & Turn ON Your Senses

In our information age it becomes more challenging to turn off the sensory overload and go within. Life and Business Coach and Expert Columnist Marianne MacKenzie shares 3 of her favorite go-to ways to unplug from information overload and connect with your inner wellspring of knowledge.

5 Masterful Ways to Increase Your Personal Energy and Engage Your Body

We all want to live at, what I call, our optimal personal best, or OPB. It’s just that work demands, family commitments, travel, must do’s and have to do’s seem to sabotage our ability to really focus on our own self-care. Your OPB is uniquely your own. Like your fingerprint, signature and journey of life, your optimal best won’t necessarily be like anyone else. Here are 5 ways to increase your personal energy and engage your body.