Marcia Mariner

About Marcia Mariner

Marcia Mariner is a transformational life coach and holistic therapist who is passionate about empowering heart centered women to awaken to their unique genius, to create a wealthy lifestyle from the inside out and to contribute boldly to our evolving world.

She is a master at creating heart to heart connection and community with her clients and at optimizing the conditions for women to shift from just surviving to fully thriving. Through Marcia's "heart powered" gatherings, classes, individual and group coaching, she has created a growing community of visionary women who support one another's ongoing emergence, as each takes steps to become their authentic selves, to deepen their self-love practices and to prepare themselves for their leap into their next level of greatness.

Marcia’s intuitive and highly refined coaching method creates a sacred and safe container for women to go through the emergence process and feel completely supported every step of the way. She has a laser focus and a keen ability to awaken her clients to their original divine blueprint and to tap their inner “wealthspring”so that they can create their lives by design, not default.

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