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About Mal Duane

Using her own life experiences as a catalyst, Women’s Life Recovery Coach and bestselling author Mal Duane is passionately committed to empowering women in releasing the shackles of shame, pain and self-condemnation to live a life of passion and purpose. Mal is an esteemed “Architect for Change” and blogger on, host of the highly successful teleseries event Reclaim Your Life as well as the bestselling author of Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power as well as a co-author in Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness. Visit to claim your free Life Recovery Kit today.

Are You an Observer or the Director of Your Life? The Choice is Yours!

It’s so easy to forget how powerful you really are. People that experience great success and happiness have mastered their power to manifest. They are very aware of where they are putting their attention. Think of your attention as the light coming out of the projector. It lights up the images on your movie screen. If there is no light you don’t get to see what is on the screen.

3 Questions That Will Help You to Redefine Your Divorce!

Getting back up from the devastation of divorce takes resilience. It takes courage. Women are so much more powerful than they have ever been taught. Mal Duane shares 3 questions to help you redefine your divorce experience and shift your mindset.

In a Bad Relationship? Ask Your Heart What to Do

Don’t let the unknown be the stumbling block between you and real happiness. Let your inner guidance give you the directions needed to create more comfort and certainty.

5 Light-hearted Steps to Overcome Holiday Dread

Family gatherings can really stir the emotional pot of unresolved emotional wounds. However, in most cases it may be more about our individual perception than actual events. Here are 5 steps you can apply to any scenario to keep you laughing through the maze of holiday dread.

How to Find Gratitude in the Most Difficult Situations

When you’re in the midst of something really painful, maybe a huge challenge, you probably say to yourself it’s impossible for me to feel gratitude. The truth is, you can find gratitude in anything that happens If you choose to. Finding gratitude is really a spiritual practice and the key word is practice. You can take simple steps that can ensure you will feel gratitude again in your heart.

3 Lessons about the Real Nature of Love

Love is without conditions or terms if it is to be lasting. We were all put on this earth to experience love in many different ways. To experience the love you want, you must show up as love. The vibration of love that you put out to the Universe will be a magnet for attracting love into your life. Here are 3 lessons I learned about the real nature of love.

Feel It, Heal It, Release It!

Ladies when you have been emotionally wounded you need to allow yourself time to feel the pain that is ripping your heart into pieces. Giving yourself permission to experience fully what you need to is the only real path to healing. I like to think of it as if you are cleaning your house. To do so, you need to know where the dirt is. Well its time to get down and get dirty. Being authentic about how you feel also allows you to express honestly what is needed to give you some closure. When you stuff your feelings, they ultimately resurface and usually with a stronger negative perception than what you experienced originally.

Where Happiness Can Take You

2014 presented me with some of my greatest challenges. These painful and disruptive experiences, which I call lessons from earth school have inspired me to reach a new level of personal growth and self-reflection, but they weren’t exactly happy times. This journey led me to discover happiness in its truest form.

Are You Listening to Your Divine Guidance System?

How many times have you gotten a “funny” feeling that something wasn’t right? You can’t put your finger on it, but there is this gnawing sensation that keeps distracting you. You dismiss it at first but it keeps coming back. Say hello to your intuition – your Divine Guidance System. Many of us don’t understand the power of our intuition. Intuition is like our own built-in radar system, an innate sense of knowing without any reasonable explanation that something doesn’t feel right. Open your connection to your divine intuition and receive the messages you really need to know.

Intuition: 6 Tips to Find Your Inner Wisdom and Personal Path

I found out the hard way that not following your inner wisdom or intuition is like being lost and being too proud to ask for directions, all the while having a functional GPS system on board. Women’s Life Recovery Coach Mal Duane shares six tips to reconnect with your intuition and discover your personal path.