Lisa Hutchison

About Lisa Hutchison

Lisa Hutchison is a licensed psychotherapist, working for empathic healers who get drained after helping others refill and recharge their energy. As a writing coach, Lisa works with writers who want to get their message heard and increase their visibility. Lisa's writing is published in 2 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Visit her website at

Inspire More Passion & Energy into Your Life with Creativity

Creativity helps you make beautiful forms of art but also can heal and maintain your health. For the empath and HSP, art releases the energy you do not want and reconnects you to your passionate self. This restores your energy and wellbeing. As you let go, express, and release magical solutions appear.

How to Get the Most Happiness from Your Travels

No matter what time of the year you travel, there is no perfect vacation. It is the journey, not the destination that brings travelers the most happiness. Learn about the 3 activities of travel and how you can get the most pleasure from your next trip.

The Valuable Gift of a Future Self Letter

The written word is a powerful healing tool that improves your mood when focused on positive events, feelings and thoughts. When you write a letter to your future self, you connect with your heart, soul and character. This simple act of giving acknowledgment, advice, and encouragement is a great way to fill your cup and rejuvenate your energy.

How Travel Enriches Women and Their Lives

As natural givers, women need to replenish and grow in order to live passionate and happy lives. There is nothing like taking some time to get away from it all in order to gain new perspectives and balance. Travel enriches women lives physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally during and long after returning back home.

Insights into Illness and Injury

Illness and injury bring pain and discomfort into our lives. Are we a victim of circumstance or is this a deeper calling from the Soul? By slowing down, listening, honoring and receiving you will uncover the answers you seek into the true causes of illness, injury and even yourself.

Releasing The Ego

Writing has been a journey of opening up and working with the Divine to express a story that can help, heal or inspire others. It is a process of moving through resistance, opening up to Divine wisdom and releasing any attachments to the outcome. By releasing the ego, one is truly writing with spirit.

Connecting to Your Inner Tigress

Women possess a powerful, subtle feminine energy that unfolds naturally in the safety of her protection. By creating physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries around herself and others, she can unleash her passionate wild side and embrace the beautiful sexy self she is.

The “Present” Moment

We are being called to live our life now and not merely exist. In our busy lives, it is easy to become complacent and machine- like to merely get through the day. As a mental health counselor, I see this function as healthy to get a person through a traumatic time. However, we are not meant to live on autopilot forever because it disconnects us from all feelings, not just the painful ones.

The Gift of Rigidity

Rigidity can be used as a gift in handling life’s transitions when channeled properly. The inability to let go becomes harmful when it interferes with our ability to move forward in life and to grow. It is also detrimental when it tries to control another to act or think differently. It takes courage and inner strength to change our thinking patterns and behaviors. This is where our inability to let go can be put to positive use. Be fixed and steadfast into channeling your thoughts to focus on the positive aspects of others and yourself by seeing the loving presence in everyone.

Living Life to the Fullest

My life became clearer, richer and more defined when I faced my own death. We live in a society that fears death or is in denial of it. The fact is sooner or later we all will die; the only uncertainty is how and when.