Lisa Marie Rosati

About Lisa Marie Rosati

Intuitive Business & Success Mentor and Lifestyle Expert Lisa Marie Rosati is the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, expert columnist for Aspire Magazine, international best-selling author, and High Priestess of The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™.

Believing that women CAN have it all, Lisa has successfully created a thriving, global brand while being a devoted wife and raising her children. It’s Lisa’s passion to teach ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love!
Lisa’s unique combination of strategic thinking, laser sharp intuition, vast knowledge of holistic health, psychology, human behavior, healing modalities and women’s spirituality plus 20+ years of metaphysical study and practice, results in an effective mix of spirituality and “real world,” no-nonsense practicality that supports her private clients and community in embracing their own Inner Goddess. Lisa exemplifies the Goddess Lifestyle as she embraces her powerful feminine nature with pride and encourages other women to do the same.
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Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle! YES, You Can Live Your Dream Life!

Living a life or working in a job that doesn’t feed your soul, bring you joy or allow you to show up as your authentic self can a drain to your joy, life energy and your ability to attract prosperity. Expert Columist Lisa Marie Rosati shares how honoring herself and the vision in her heart led to the creation of her successful global lifestyle brand and some of the perks of living a laptop lifestyle.

5 Benefits to Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle™

Drumroll please!!! My expert column in Aspire will now be called “Living the Goddess Laptop LifestyleTM and will be dedicated to teaching ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love!

Autumn Self Care Practices: The Goddess Lifestyle Way!

Autumn is a time when nature beckons you to of let go of what no longer serves. Just as nature does this is the time for our magical work too. It’s the time of year to pull off any unnecessary armor you’ve accumulated and begin to place your focus inward. Goddess Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosati shares some of her favorite self-care practices for autumn.

Goddess Lifestyle Practices For Peace, Grace & Flow

Nothing can mess with a woman’s personal power and magic more than being out of alignment or in a downward spiral in a particular key area of her life. Women are intuitive, emotional creatures, so we can feel it big-time when things are out of whack! Along my journey to the empowered woman you see today, I’ve picked up a few useful daily practices that I’d like to share with you.

3 Foundational Goddess Lifestyle Pillars for Self-Care

When was the last time you felt rejuvenated, renewed, energized and fully alive? When was the last time you took time out to nurture yourself, experience pleasure or have fun without a niggle guilt involved? Goddess Lifestyle Expert Lisa Marie Rosati shares her 3 foundational Goddess lifestyle pillars for self-care.

How to Create Powerful Springtime Altars and Sacred Spaces

Spring is magically about rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, planting seeds, and the promise of new things to come. Part of living the Goddess Lifestyle is following nature and bringing all of her natural beauty and magic into your life. I harness that magic and power by creating powerful intentions, altars and sacred spaces by design. Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosita shares some suggestions on how you can call the magic of spring into your life and living spaces.

15 Characteristics of a Present Day Goddess

Are you a present day Goddess? A Goddess possesses many wonderful and enchanting characteristics and traits. Creatrix Lisa Marie Rosati, founder of the Goddess Lifestyle Plan, shares 15 characteristics of a present day Goddess. Take a moment to see how many resonate with where you are on your path.

Living the Goddess Lifestyle: Thriving During Fallow Times

We all love when things are going great in our lives but the truth is everything in life is cyclic. The Moon waxes and wanes, the tides go in and out, and the seasons change. It’s all part of the cycle of life and they are going to happen but how do you handle when key areas of your life are looking a bit barren and your best efforts are slow moving at best? Here are some great tips as well as the Prayer of Surrender for those trying times.

Are You Ready To Design Your Goddess Life?

Ignoring your truth extinguishes the flame of your feminine desire… and your feminine desire is the magical substance that activates the goddess that lives within you. Would you like to finally discover your life purpose and spend your days doing things that bring you joy? Taking an honest look at your authentic truth is the first step of intentionally designing your Goddess Life. Here are 9 empowering steps to support you in doing just that.

Heal Your Soul (By Having Tea with The Dark Goddess)

The Great Wheel of the Year has turned towards autumn and winter – seasonally the time to travel inward; reflection and introspection, rest and renewal and if you’re a smart cookie like me, scheduled dates for having tea with the Dark Goddess.