Kris Groth

About Kris Groth

Kris Groth is a spiritual mentor, energy healer, and bestselling author. She is passionate about helping people connect more deeply to their own truth, to promote healing and restore balance to the body, heart, mind and soul, and to live a soul-connected life. Kris serves clients around the world through her healing, and spiritual mentoring sessions, including powerful custom guided sound healing meditations using crystal singing bowls.
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4 Life-Changing Benefits of Listening to Your Soul

Practice connecting with your soul each day. Just be with it. Ask questions, and notice how the answers come. Use other tools to gather more information and explore how you receive information (meditation, journal, pendulum, oracle cards, etc). The more you practice, the easier it will be to live a soul-connected life.

The Power of Sound Healing

Have you ever experienced listening to music, and feeling it within your body, or noticing it effect your emotions? Have you heard music that caused your body to relax, and your mind to clear? Sound is a profound and effective healer.

5 Practices to Shift Unworthiness into Self-acceptance

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, it’s just not good enough, or that you just don’t measure up? Do you ever feel like you don’t really deserve the good things in life, like love, success, or happiness?

Deciphering Messages to Follow Your Guidance

Do you ever ask to receive messages or signs to help you make a decision? Have you ever been disappointed that you didn’t receive anything? Or you get a message, but discount it as being crazy, unable to trust it?

Accepting Unexpected Blessings, A Key to Manifesting

Do you ever ask for what you want, but when it comes you think, “This is not what I asked for.” “I didn’t expect this.” Or “I’m not ready for this.” What do you do with these unexpected blessings?

First Step to Shifting Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the demands and expectations of your everyday life? I have a hard time admitting this, but I have been feeling this way lately. My oldest is graduating from high school. Major stress and obligation.

11 Ways To Clear Negative Energy

Do you ever feel bogged down with heavy energy? Creating a daily practice of clearing can help your health, mood and more. Here are some simple things you can do to clear your body, your home or your work space.

How To Be Grounded, 11 Easy Tips

Do you ever feel flighty, absent-minded, hyperactive, unaware, or disconnected? Do you overextend yourself, have trouble getting things done, and feel overwhelmed? These simple ideas can help you be more grounded and present in your life.

Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

What is creativity? Anything that you do to express your soul, and allow spirit to flow through you to create something. Important for stress relief, emotional expression and brain function. How can you add creative pursuits to your daily practice?

Stretch Yourself to Grow

Spring is a time of awakening and growth. How can we stretch ourselves to be more of what we are born to be? In what ways can we step out of our comfort zone and let our gifts sprout?