Kris Steinnes

About Kris Steinnes

Kris Steinnes, author of the award winning, Amazon best selling book, Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women, is the visionary founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation in Seattle, WA.

A Woman of Wisdom: Hilary Hart

Hilary Hart is author of The Unknown She, Pearlie of Great Price, and the Spring 2013 release Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves. She is also the founder of Women’s Power Wheel, a growing movement of women’s circles designed to help women uncover and live their natural power. Hilary has extensive experience in Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism, and currently works as a children’s advocate in Taos, New Mexico.

A Woman of Wisdom:Kris Steinnes, Founder of Women of Wisdom Conference

Aspire invited columnist Kris Steinnes, the founder of the Woman of Wisdom Conference and the Women of Wisdom Foundation to share the personal, spiritual and professional journey that led her to create a powerful community for women to gather with each other, to become a rich tapestry of spirit and community exploring the divine feminine through our creativity and our connections to one another.

A Woman of Wisdom: Naomi Tutu Nozizwe–Mother of Many Lands

Naomi Tutu is the third child Archbishop Desmond and Nomalizo Leah Tutu. Growing up the ‘daughter of …’ has offered Naomi Tutu many opportunities and challenges in her life. Most important of these has been the challenge to find her own place in the world. She has taken up the challenge and channeled the opportunities that she has been given to raise her voice as a champion for the dignity of all. Naomi feels we all have a choice of how we live in the world, and with the huge problems if we each take responsibility for the place we are in – try to make a change in the way of relationships in our own neighborhoods and country, it will spread to the whole world. It’s not all on one person – when we realize that we’re not all alone, we have a greater chance of making those differences.

A Woman of Wisdom: Tama J. Kieves Dancing Through Transition ~ Loving Yourself

Tama began this journey through the anguish of being unhappy and miserable in her chosen work as a lawyer. As an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, she made great money, had a view office, her own secretary but felt so empty and lost. She thought there had to be something more. She knew she had had dreams and desires for her life, but chose to play it safe, be practical and reasonable. It was safer to ignore the callings of her heart. But really, that path was not safe, as she realized it would kill her. And that’s her message to others: it will kill you if you do not listen to the voice of your dreams. Particularly in times like what we’re experiencing now, as everyone is being practical because of the economy.

A Woman of Wisdom: Karen Tate, Sacred Feminism and Social Transformation

Karen Tate is an advocate for the Goddess. She first discovered the Goddess when she was exploring the feminine face of God. Growing up in a Judeo Christian culture, we were taught man was created in God’s image. Now she believes that sets up a gender disparity in our culture. When she realized that the Goddess had been worshipped for 40,000 years long before male gods were, it opened a totally new horizon for her.

The Grandmother of Herbal Medicine

“One must tread delicately on those lands, its palace is built on shifting sands; And so fragile, one cruel, look or word -Would utterly smash that porcelain world.” -Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Are You a Tree Person? An Interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen

“A tree person may have been a child who kept treasures in a tree, or had a sanctuary in one, or climbed up to see the wider world, a child for whom trees were places of imaginative play and retreat…. A tree person met up with Nature in childhood or as an adult, and like the four-footed ones who retreat to lick their wounds, may still heal emotional hurts by going to where the trees are. …. A tree person can become a tree activist at any age.”

A Woman of Wisdom: Peggy Dylan, Practical Mystic

Peggy Dylan is a recognized pioneer and authority in the field of personal development and is globally respected as the Originator of the Contemporary Firewalking Movement. Publications have called her a practical mystic as she combines spiritual insight with down to earth and high energy tools. Peggy has the uncanny ability to guide participants toward grasping new paradigms – new ways of thinking and being – which propels them into personal and professional success and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in being alive.

An Interview with Marianne Williamson

In her interview with columnist Kris Steinnes, Marianne shares, “You’ve turned unhealthy eating into a ritual, a kind of magical and secret ceremony in which you’ve looked to the darkness for what darkness cannot provide. You will learn to build a new ritual now: the ritual of healthy, wise, non-secretive, and loving eating.”

Riane Eisler: Real Wealth, A Caring Economy

Riane Eisler’s work brings the needs of women and children into the forefront of our society – and that means in an economic and political way. Riane’s mission in life has always centered on creating a world of partnership – men and women together creating a new model of living together. She is dedicated to furthering the roles of women, who are 51% of the population, to be equally included in all aspects of politics, economics, religion, education, and other relationships that affect our lives.