Count Your Blessings

People who count their blessing daily are more peaceful, content and happy. They feel more secure and seem to allow the stress of the day to fall by the wayside. How do they do it? They cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Cultivating gratitude is about slowing down, bringing ourselves back to the present moment and appreciating the day’s gifts. Too often we find ourselves focusing on what is missing in our lives-directing our attention on things that we want but don’t have. Here are five simple ways to count your blessings each day.

Ask Dr. Kelley: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Many transitions in life are expected, like marriage, the birth of a child or a change in career. These transitions can be planned for in advance and handled without an extreme amount of uncertainty and pain. At other times we may be caught off guard with unexpected transitions-divorce, the death of a spouse, a personal health crisis or a downsizing of your corporation- these transitions are met with fear, uncertainty and an overwhelming amount of stress. It’s during times like this that we have to develop coping skills, give ourselves permission to restore ourselves and have faith that there are opportunities on the other side of the event.

Dr. Kel: Authentically Be-YOU-tiful

Being authentic requires the ability to be true to our own wants, needs and desires and not live our lives by the opinion of others. Being authentic is the ability to make self-honoring choices and stand firmly in who we are in our core. The world needs each of us to be our authentic selves and share our gifts with the world.

Transforming Roadblocks

Roadblocks, in their purest form, are obstacles. They’re designed to stop you, or at least slow you down. They’re frustrating, maddening and annoying. They are also the biggest, most divine-sent blessings you may ever receive. Roadblocks may come in a variety of forms: physical (an illness, disease or physical limitation); mental (a creative block or emotional issue that you must work through first); or spiritual (you feel a nudge from your inner guidance and need to take the time to get silent and listen to the wisdom provided).

Ask Dr. Kel: When You Change Your Mind, You Change Your Life

Our minds are powerful instruments that create our reality. Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions bring about what we accomplish in life. If we believe that we are talented musicians, we will play beautiful music. If we believe that we are not good enough, we may fail at any lasting attempt in a job or relationship. When it comes to reaching our intended desires, we have to look for any and all limiting belief systems and change our minds about them if we are to succeed. Learn more about shifting your beliefs in order to create the life you desire.

Spiritual Parenting

Raising a spiritual child is something that is shared with the entire family. Spiritual parenting does not have to follow a particular “religion” but will teach a child to connect with themselves and others, shaping the world around them. Providing a foundation of spirituality from a young age will help develop their morals, values, behavior and increase their self-esteem. Spiritual living gives your child a sense of belonging and provides them with tools in order to help them navigate the road of life with confidence, connection and gratitude.

Igniting your Inner Healer

“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.” –Brian Tracy

Cleaning out the Dust Bunnies in your Mental and Spiritual Life

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings. For those of us in the North, spring is the time we emerge from the darkness and hibernation of the winter months and feel ready to come alive with renewed energy and passion. Nature mirrors our hope and optimism with the sights and sounds of birds chirping, flowers budding, animals frolicking and warming weather. Nothing feels better than to open the windows and allow in the fresh air and sunshine. For many people, this is a time for spring cleaning. There is something very satisfying about cleaning out the cobwebs, opening up rooms that have been closed for the winter months and cleaning out the dust bunnies under the beds. While it is important to clear out the clutter and grime on a physical level, it is important not to neglect the inner cleaning and dust bunnies that are lingering around on a mental and spiritual level.

5 Steps towards Creating more Self Love

Many of us grow up watching fairytales and adopt the childhood belief that love is finding the perfect partner, being swept off our feet, and living happily ever after. What we sometimes encounter is a more modern reality of a fast paced life, climbing the ladder of success and a less than fulfilling relationship or two. After travelling on the road of life for a while, we get to an age where we figure out that love is important in our life, but the most important kind of love we seek to fulfill us is self-love.

An Attitude of Gratitude

When reading the above quote, what thoughts cross your mind? Several that cross my mind are the sense that we all have a set amount of time each day, our lives are full and busy, it is our choice of what we want to do with our time, and the short amount of time it takes to offer gratitude.