Kelley Grimes, MSW

About Kelley Grimes, MSW

Kelley Grimes, MSW, is a counselor, speaker,internationally best selling author and self-nurturing expert. She ispassionate about empowering overwhelmed and exhausted individuals to live withmore peace, joy, and meaning through the practice of self-nurturing. Kelleyalso provides professional and leadership development to organizationsdedicated to making the world a better place. She is married to an artist, hastwo empowered daughters, and loves singing with a small women’s group. Learn more at and download your free Self-Nurturing Mobile App.

Self-Acceptance and the Art of Belonging

Embracing self-acceptance will create ripple effects in your life and empower others around you to accept themselves – creating more and more sense of belonging in the world. The more you commit to authentically showing up in your life, the more you give others permission to do the same and the deeper your relationships become.

Five Ways to Nurture Your Gratitude Practice

Most of us know that when we focus on what we are grateful for we feel good. More and more research reinforces that gratitude positively impacts our mood, attitude, health and well-being. Being grateful makes us more optimistic, energetic, resilient, peaceful, and productive. We feel better about ourselves, and our lives, and even live longer when we are grounded in gratitude.

Having the Courage to Forgive

Without the fundamental practice of forgiving ourselves, we are unable to find peace and cultivate self-compassion. Without learning how to forgive others we are trapped in our own anger and resentment, which drains away our peace of mind and closes down our hearts.

Reclaim Your Worth Through Kindness

It is remarkable how an act of kindness can have such a powerful effect and reconnect us with our truth. An unexpected act of kindness is like a mirror reflecting back our own value and worth and may come just when we need it most if we allow ourselves to receive it.

When Resolutions Fail Choose Self-Compassion

When we choose to be understanding and kind to ourselves instead of beating ourselves up, we transform our self-criticism and judgment into self-acceptance and love, which allows space for true change to occur.

Nourish Yourself In Order To Flourish And Thrive

Have you ever given more than you had to give and ended up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and even a little bit resentful? As women we have a tendency to care for everyone in our lives except ourselves, which results in chronic exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. Self-nurturing expert and counselor Kelley Grimes, MSW suggests a different path – one where women nourish themselves – through the practice of self-nurturing – each and every day in order to flourish and thrive!

7 Ways to Nurture Your Mind, Body and Spirit for Vibrant Health

Do you desire vibrant health but find yourself feeling stressed and exhausted more often than not? Nurturing ourselves consistently is essential to feeling vibrantly healthy. Self-nurturing Expert and Counselor Kelley Grimes shares 7 ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit so you can live your best life.

How Empowering Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

The stories we tell ourselves can either empower us or reinforce our victim mindset. When you bring awareness to the stories you are telling yourself, you then have a choice about the meaning you give to them. You can choose to transform your challenges into an empowering story of hope and healing. Here are four reflective questions to support you in doing so.

7 Nurturing Practices to Support Your Healing

Nurturing ourselves is an essential part of path to reconnect with our true selves and deepen our self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance. Adding these 7 nurturing practices into your self-nurturing tool kit will empower you to transform your past hurts and trauma into healing and growth.

Cultivating Peace, One Thought at a Time

There is no greater thief of inner peace than our constant negative self-talk. It is possible to cultivate peace by transforming negative self-talk into positive and empowering thoughts. According to neurosculpting we can train our brains to focus on the positive and increase empathy and compassion. Here are two clarifying questions to help you train your brain.