Jami Hearn

About Jami Hearn

Leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach, Aksashic Records Practitioner and Evidential Medium Jami Hearn, empowers and supports spiritual women in aligning their inner and outer worlds, embracing their soul’s truth and in living their divinity. Through her intuitive gifts, grounded wisdom and empowered coaching Jami guides women back into sacred alignment with her truth. As a woman aligns her heart and soul, she becomes a divine magnet for love and abundance and her dreams flow with ease and grace.

Having gone from a highly-successful, yet unfulfilling, career as an attorney to creating a thriving international spiritual coaching practice, Jami understands how to help you navigate the path of integration between the masculine and feminine and can support you in doing the same so you can live your truth.

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Angels, Intuition and Indigestion: 3 Compelling Reasons to Listen to Your Inner Voice

The universe, your spiritual tribe and your perspective all go hand in hand to create the most abundant, fulfilling and reward experience… designed specifically for you, by you! I implore you to take advantage of all the tools and channels available to you and claim your spiritual power and right! You are not alone on this journey and there is no reason to proceed with your natural divine connection.

My Journey through Grief to Gratitude

Every person’s experience around grief is uniquely their own, and every one of them is exactly perfect. I am sharing my own because it is utterly important that you love yourself through the snot filled tears and angry outbursts… right up through the beautiful moment that the gratitude firmly seats in your core!

A Journey into the Akashic Records

Have you ever had deja vu?? Or felt an instant connection to someone you just met? That feeling of knowing comes from somewhere outside of our current physical body, but it is deeply imprinted on our souls. Each lifetime that your soul has chosen – and there have been MANY! – leaves a mark, some may call it a scar, but by any term a memory of who you were and what you experienced. While most adults do not have an active memory of past lifetimes, all of this information exists just beyond our physical reach, in the nearby planes of the ethers. This collection of conscious information is called the Akashic Records.

3 Steps to Listening to Your Intuition

Don’t discredit messages from your intuition, spirit or your higher self. It is far wiser than we give it credit for. Start listening to the intuition that is coming through to you. By listening, you create the opportunity to grow your intuition and learn to use it for your highest good. Keep these three tips, from Leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach Jami Hearn, in mind when you encounter an opportunity to access and accept your intuition.

3 Ways to Find your Spiritual Bliss

Do you long to experience genuine bliss? It is possible when you slow down and learn to savor life’s moments. The more you acknowledge, accept and appreciate your bliss, the more it will show up for you! Leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach Jami Hearn shares three simple things you can do in pursuit of your bliss.

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Manifesting Skills

Have you tried every positive affirmation you can think of, and you still can’t manifest what you think you want? Do you know you have a unique manifesting template? Your soul was created with a unique template, or blueprint and your personal template contains a framework that is unique to you, that when activated, allows you to manifest with ease and grace. Intuitive Prosperity Coach Jami Hearn shares 3 simple steps to improve your manifesting skills.

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

It is possible to have the rock star professional life you desire and still maintain time for divine self-care. Here are a few steps to achieving the self-care that you desire and deserve.

3 Keys to Creating a More Fulfilling Life

. If you start taking small steps toward fulfillment, it will bring more enjoyment, meaning and purpose to your entire life. Don’t stay stuck in the mire that has been dragging you down and stealing your joy – move forward and let your true self shine!

7 Tips to Living in Alignment with Your Soul’s Nature

We are all being called to show up authentically and be who we truly are at a soul level. Intuitive prosperity coach Jami Hearn knows what that yearning feels like. Having gone from an unfulfilling career as an attorney, to having a thriving international spiritual coaching practice, Jami shares the 7 tips she used to transform her life and happiness.

7 Spiritual Ways To Escape Negativity

FaceBook, work, PTO meetings – they are all mired with drama and negativity. But all that negativity really brings down the vibration that those of us on the spiritual path try so hard to elevate. Unless you are moving to a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Tibet, completely off the grid; it’s impossible to completely eliminate and escape the drama of those surrounding us in everyday life. The best we can do is to take measures to insulate ourselves from it and limit our exposure. Try some of these simple steps you can take to limit the impact of negativity in your environment.