Jami Hearn

About Jami Hearn

Jami Hearn, a leading intuitive prosperity coach, specializes in working with spiritual women to achieve their divine abundance. She is an expert contributor to Aspire Magazine and holds certifications as an Akashic Records Practitioner and is an Evidential Medium.

Having gone from an unfulfilling career as an attorney, to a thriving international coaching practice, Jami’s passion is supporting and encouraging women to live their soul’s purpose with ease and grace, while fulfilling their truest desires. Learn more at www.LiveYourDivinity.com.

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

It is possible to have the rock star professional life you desire and still maintain time for divine self-care. Here are a few steps to achieving the self-care that you desire and deserve.

3 Keys to Creating a More Fulfilling Life

. If you start taking small steps toward fulfillment, it will bring more enjoyment, meaning and purpose to your entire life. Don’t stay stuck in the mire that has been dragging you down and stealing your joy – move forward and let your true self shine!

7 Tips to Living in Alignment with Your Soul’s Nature

We are all being called to show up authentically and be who we truly are at a soul level. Intuitive prosperity coach Jami Hearn knows what that yearning feels like. Having gone from an unfulfilling career as an attorney, to having a thriving international spiritual coaching practice, Jami shares the 7 tips she used to transform her life and happiness.

7 Spiritual Ways To Escape Negativity

FaceBook, work, PTO meetings – they are all mired with drama and negativity. But all that negativity really brings down the vibration that those of us on the spiritual path try so hard to elevate. Unless you are moving to a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Tibet, completely off the grid; it’s impossible to completely eliminate and escape the drama of those surrounding us in everyday life. The best we can do is to take measures to insulate ourselves from it and limit our exposure. Try some of these simple steps you can take to limit the impact of negativity in your environment.

5 Simple Ways to Clear Energetic Blocks and Realign Your Soul

Every day we deal with blocks and disruptions in our own energy, flowing from any number of sources. The great news is that you hold the power to clear these blocks and restrictions and get back on course to your true divinity. These simple tools can provide you clarity and insight into helping shake those disruptions and keep yourself on the path to your higher self.

Conversations with the Goddess – 3 Steps to connecting with Gaia

Every living thing has a connection with Gaia (Mother Earth), many of us recall the connection we have had across all of our lifetimes here. That connection creates strong healing for each of us and the world as a whole. We are just that… a world of people… broken into factions that have forgotten the true connection with Gaia and each of our divine selves.

Conversations with the Goddess

Accessing your own Akashic Record can lead to healing that your spiritual life needs to evolve to the next level of enlightenment and fulfillment. Spiritually sensitive women tend to overlook the healing they need for themselves – Be selfish, even if for a moment. Soul Alignment Practitioner Jami Hearn shares a part of her own journey and healing that she was able to access through her Records/