Hedy MacDonald

About Hedy MacDonald

Hedy MacDonald is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and energy healer helping women on a spiritual path create more ease, flow and trust in their soul’s journey. She is described by her clients as utterly connected to the divine, a natural and powerful healer, and gentle sage.

Helping people more fully align with their higher selves and awaken to their divinity is Hedy’s passion. She helps women understand their limiting beliefs with such love and compassion for where they are, that they feel truly heard, understood and ready to shine their light with confidence.

If you want to make the leap to be who you truly are, learn more about her virtual work and claim your free gift at www.HedyMacDonald.com

Stuck in an Emotion? Here’s One Way to Help

Negative emotions help us see where we need to heal. Sometimes we can get stuck in these lower vibration emotions. Here is one powerful tool that can be used to help you honor your emotions while helping you get unstuck.

Dealing with Rage

In this article I share a channeled message I received from my higher self about how to better understand and deal with rage. It explains how rage is about repressed power, how true power is not power over other and ways to help deal with the rage without taking it out on others.

The Importance of Joy for Empaths

Feeling the pain of others is a gift, but it can be hard. As an empath it is important that we take time to consciously bring more joy into our lives and focus on the positive even though we can feel the darkness of the world.

Leaning Into Trust

Inspirational share of a personal experience of trusting and leaping off the cliff and how the divine is letting me know I am supported in this big change. Inviting the reader to feel the fear and do it anyway and notice the signs from the divine.