Felicia D’Haiti

About Felicia D’Haiti

Felicia D’Haiti is a Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach, who guides clients in shifting their perspectives and environments to move beyond perfectionism, fear and self-imposed limitations. Felicia is a long-time educator, Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and Space Clearing Teacher and Soul Coaching® Teacher. She is a frequent contributor to Aspire Magazine and a contributing author to the bestselling book, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health & Success and several other empowering books.

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Bedroom Feng Shui: Demonstrating Self-Care in Your Bedroom Design

Set the foundation for self-care in your life by creating a safe, supportive and nurturing bedroom space in which to renew yourself and set the energy for your life. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach® Felicia D’Haiti shares five concepts to consider when creating a space that reflects self-care.

5 Wellness Enhancing Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

In Feng Shui honoring the kitchen as the heart of our home can promote wellness in our physical, mental and emotional being. Starting with these five steps, we can celebrate our lives by infusing love, joy, and uplifting energy into the space and everything in it.

Supporting Your Life with Feng Shui: 5 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Home

Connecting to and changing the energy in our homes is one way to create a stable foundation from which we can make many mindset and other actionable changes in our lives to create an inner and outer environment that is safe, secure and nurturing and that promotes wellness in our lives. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach Felicia D’Haiti shares 5 ways you can shift the energy of your home.

Fill Your Home with Gratitude (and Abundance!)

The first step in emphasizing feelings of gratitude in your home is to determine your goals.

Helping Children Create Balance in Their Lives Through Feng Shui

Is your child’s room a mess? Does he or she struggle with finding things, including their bed? It is important that we empower our children to create supportive and nurturing spaces for themselves.

Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons

Living in harmony with nature is essential to nourishing our soul and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives. We have the ability to use our homes as a tool to connect us to nature. This connection to nature will make us feel less isolated, less stressed and more in tune with ourselves as well as the world around us. If we reflect upon the seasons, each one brings its own characteristics, associations, and energy that we can use as a foundation to bring more balance, joy, and anything else we desire into our lives.

Attract the Energy of Love with Feng Shui: Setting Up Your Bedroom

Why is the setup of your bedroom important in feng shui? First of all, most people spend about 1/3 of their time in the bedroom. It is the spot where our bodies and minds balance, recover, rejuvenate and more every day. It is essential that our bedrooms to be a place where we feel physically, mentally and emotionally safe – a place where we can be ourselves and express ourselves. Our bedroom is also a symbol of our inner self. Who you are and what you desire for your life to be like should be reflected in this heart of your home.

Invisible Clutter: When De-Cluttering is about more than a Clean House

Are you feeling overwhelmed, rushed and burned out? Do you have time to work on the things most important to you? Do you even remember what’s most important to you?

Want to Know More about Your Own Life? Take a Look at Your Home

Did you know that your Home is a Metaphor for your Life? The homes we choose as well as the way in which we arrange them tell stories about our thinking and the way we currently live our lives. Imagine you are a stranger entering your home for the first time, what stories do you think your home will tell about you? What secrets of your subconscious are screaming out for attention?

Why Clutter Clearing is a Spiritual Quest

Let’s look first at what clutter is. Clutter is ANYTHING that we do not use, love, or want. It can include broken items, unfinished projects, duplicates, or borrowed items. It can include the parrot figurine that a wedding guest gave you that you think is hideous. How many outfits do you have in your closets that are too big, or too small? Just as keeping clothes that no longer fit do not honor who we are today, keeping objects that do not fit our lives do not honor ourselves!