Felicia Baucom

About Felicia Baucom

Felicia Baucom specializes in empowering women to create their own unique path to happiness. As a former child of the military, she’s very familiar with dealing with transitions and stepping out of her comfort zone. Felicia enjoys helping women who want to figure out the next chapter of their lives.

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There Is Only One You! Stop Comparing and Start Shining!

Comparison is a sneaky little devil that can cause you to dim your light and smother your authentic voice. When you compare yourself to others, you step on your own truth, instead of living authentically and stepping towards your dreams. Felicia Baucom shares five ways you may be caught up in the comparison and a few suggestions to try so you can live your life with fullness and ease.

Staying Centered and Connected to What’s True for You

Challenges will come up in your life that will leave you feeling off balance. Here are 4 strategies to help you get back into balance and keep moving forward so you can feel hopeful, satisfied, and at peace.

Embrace the Rightness of You

With the world constantly telling you that you’re wrong to be the way you are, it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Learn how you can let go of anxiety, appreciate yourself, and embrace your true nature.

4 Small Steps to Make Time for Your Heart’s Desires

Life is a constant balancing act between your needs and other’s expectations, but you can still make time for your heart’s desires. Here are 4 steps to consciously make room for you and what you really want in your life.

6 Powerful Tips to Let Go and Shape Your Best Life

Transitions in life often mean letting go of what no longer serves you. When you hold on, you miss out on new possibilities. Learn how to let go with grace so you can make room for a happier life.

Let Go of Validation and Own Your Happiness

Being authentic life means freeing yourself from external validation. It’s helpful from time to time, but we don’t need to rely on it. You can take charge of your own happiness so you can feel whole and complete, no matter what.

4 Tips to Enjoy The Holidays and Celebrate Your Own Way

The holiday season doesn’t have to be about what everyone else says it is, or even what you think it is – or should be. You can let go of expectations, feel joyful and experience the holidays in ways that work for you.

Do What You Like: 4 Easy Ways To Claim Your Personal Power

Sometimes in life there is a mismatch between what we want and what other people want. When that happens, we have a choice to make. Find out how you can make choices that are right for you so you can maintain your personal power.

5 Signs You’re Ready To March to Your Own Drum & Live Authentically

Is your life a mismatch between the dream in your heart and your reality? Are you tired of living according to the expectations of others? If you are experiencing any of these 5 signs you are being led to live authentically and start marching to the beat of your own drum shares Felicia Baucom.

4 Simple Tips to Break the Mold and Live Your Authentic Life

Many women are waking up in the middle of their lives feeling disoriented and wondering whose life they are living. I’ve been there! After burning out from my corporate career, I decided to pursue that dream to empower women to be the hero in their own lives. To do so, I had to break out of the mold I had created for myself based on other people’s expectations and start living authentically. I share 4 simple tips that I use with my clients and in my own life to support you in following the beat of your own drum.