Erin Esser

About Erin Esser

Erin Esser is a master coach, facilitator, speaker, podcast host and published author. Erin is the creator of the transformational, 9 month program entitled Awaken Your Purpose where she takes women on a journey of self discovery and self mastery. Erin has the ability to take women who feel lost and feel as if they are living someone else's life to a place where they start to embrace their own truth, their worth and start living a life of purpose. Erin is also a co-host on the podcast "Your Sacred Witness", where she spotlights stories of women who have used their own struggle as the catalyst in finding their purpose in their life, and giving women hope that they aren't alone. Erin lives in Charlotte, NC with her amazing 3 kiddos. You can reach Erin at

Allowing Versus Judgement

The benefits of allowing others viewpoints and opinions without attaching our experience to them. Allowing others to have their own experiences even when they differ from our own and honoring the differences in them vs. judging because they don’t agree with our own opinion or experience.

So What is a Chakra Anyway?

What is a chakra?, describing what a chakra is and what is manages, discussing our ancestors and tribes all over the world adopting energy systems. The importance of looking holistically at our body vs. just a physical body and the chakras are one way to do that.

The Sacral Chakra: To Know Thyself

All about the sacral chakra. The location, color and characteristics of someone that is unbalanced, deficient and excess energy.

The Solar Plexus: Your Power Source

Description of the solar plexus being our power source. Where it is located, the color associated, body parts and organs. Diseases associated with solar plexus disruptions and how to identify if one needs to balance their solar plexus.

Releasing Judgment to Invoke True and Lasting Change

When we want to change old patterns will rise up and we fall victim to them and the judgement and shame cycle. Some tips on learning to release judgement to allow for the change to happen.

Redefining My Life by Rewriting My Script

Redefining my life by questioning a quote or mantra that I had lived by since I was 12 years old. This quote was no longer serving me and I had to rewrite it in order to redefine who I am.