Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and prayer are two of the most powerful ways a mom and every woman to create a calm center in your life. Meditation is essentially any practice that calms the mind by engaging in breathing and sitting peacefully in reflection. Some practices include trying to empty the mind of any thoughts, while others include thought observation and a focus on breath. There is even meditation that can be done while walking! Here are three of the most common types of meditation.

Sanity Saver: The Happiness Habit

One of the biggest keys to happiness as a mom is living in the moment and being completely present with whomever you’re with or the task at hand. This can be tough when your mind is racing about all of your unfinished tasks. When you find your thoughts running rampant, take a few deep breaths and bring yourself 100 percent back to the present moment. It is so beautiful and life changing when you figure out how to snap yourself into fully experiencing your life!