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About Emily Madill

Emily Madill is an author and certified professional coach with a BA in Business and Psychology. She has published 11 titles in the area of self-development and empowerment, both for children and adults. You can find her writing in Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive for Kids; The Huffington Post; Mike Dooley’s TUT.com; WellthyLiving.ca; TinyBuddha; Aspire Magazine;and others. Emily also speaks on empowerment on the Marc Bernier Radio show. She enjoys helping others wholeheartedly embrace their own greatness and send more acceptance and joy out into the world. Emily lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her husband and two sons. For more info: www.EmilyMadill.com

How Playfulness Can Save Your Holidays

The holidays have been known to increase pressure, stress and overall busyness. Every last ‘ought to’ and ‘should go’ is stuffed into the whirlwind of it all, tempting us to lose our cool or at the very least, rob us of our joy. But isn’t enjoying and celebrating with our loved ones what this season is supposed to be all about? In an attempt to stop the madness and instead relish these next days of the holidays, I made this list of reminders to let go of the seriousness of it all.

Listening When Your Soul Speaks

Listening when the soul speaks is a practice that can transform the moments in our day and bring us closer to living life from a place that sits well with who we are at our core. Here are a few ways that help me hear and honor my inner wisdom. Try them out and see if they may be a right fit for you.

Foods That Help With Cravings

Ahh, cravings! When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food. Elaine Gibson shares the different types of cravings and what types of foods are most often craved and offers alternative healthy options to replace unhealthy ones and suggests some great foods to add to your diet to balance your body and eliminate cravings.

5 Powerful Ways to Shed Old Patterns

Change is not easy, and it isn’t always necessary either. We may be happy and content with our lives as they are. We may not wish to change a thing about the way we do life — and that is awesome! For those of us who have come to notice we have a habit or area in our life we would like to change — there are practices we can tune into in order to help us release old patterns.

Making Friends With Our Shadow Selves

Our darkness provides us with valuable insight. When we embrace this insight, we stop suffering by believing we should be different than we are. Loving ourselves and the lives we are in, gives us the freedom and space to enjoy the journey.

What I Learned From Participating in a Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Author Emily Madill shares her experience of participating in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony for the first time. Still processing the experience, Emily shares the three key highlights of learning that stand out as important and worthy of sharing with others. Perhaps they may resonate with where you are on your journey.

Let Go Of Your Measuring Stick: Embrace Who You Are

How often do you compare yourself to others? More importantly, how does it feel when you do? When we find ourselves in these negative spaces, it is never truly about the other person. It has to do with how secure we are with ourselves, and how connected we are to our truth. Measuring sticks are good for one thing: to help you remember how far you have come and how amazing you have always been. Here are a few of my favorite practices that help me let go of my measuring stick and embrace who I am. If they resonate with where you are on your journey, give them a try.

11 Hints It’s Time To Surrender And Take The Path Of Least Resistance

Have you ever pushed against life hoping for an easier path, only to realize pushing and resisting is actually making life harder? I can relate to falling into this trap throughout my life journey. Most often this vicious cycle has been the result of attempting to prove myself, or to overcompensate for the parts of me I hadn’t yet accepted. These 11 hints have become my telltale signs it is time to surrender and take the path of least resistance.

What Being a Mom of Boys Has Taught Me About Life

I am the proud mom of two boys. While society considers me to be their role model, I knew the moment I laid eyes on both of my sons, they are actually my greatest teachers. They show me how life is truly meant to be enjoyed. Children are amazing instructors for showing us what pure joy looks like. They remind us how simple it all can be.

11 Powerful Tips to Keep Your Spirits Bright

It is easy to keep your spirits bright when life is going along smoothly and good news seems to turn up at every turn. It is an entirely different picture when life goes off course or bad news obstructs our path. Life is kind of like that. Bumps and obstacles are cast throughout our life journey, and we never really know when they may turn up. The question then becomes: How do we keep our spirits bright throughout the different stages of life and not allow the storms to dampen the truth of who we are? Emily Madill share some of the key practices she turns to when she needs a reminder (or two) on how to lift her spirits and bring more joy to her journey.