Deborah Kevin

About Deborah Kevin

Deborah Kevin (pronounced “key-vin”) loves helping heart-centered entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses by creating and implementing a compelling blog strategy. A graduate of State University of New York at Geneseo, Stanford University and a Penn State University alumnus, Debby is an associate editor with Inspired Living Publishing and a former editor of the Little Patuxent Review. She’s a member of the Association of Writing Professionals. Her passions include travel, cooking, hiking, and kayaking. Her in-process novel, Finding Grace, is under revision. She resides in Maryland with her family. Visit to learn more and to download your free eGuide, 5 Steps to Publishing Client-Attracting Posts.

10 Strategies to Un-Suckify Your Bio

Soulpreneurs, have you ever been asked to provide a bio, only to think, “Bio? Your bio can be a powerful client attraction tool when done correctly. Editor Deborah Kevin shares 10 strategies to follow to make your bio shine.

Your Blog and Bumper Guards

What do bowling and blogging have to do with each other? I was bowling with family with got me thinking about the need for virtual bumper guards on entrepreneurs’ blogs. Bumper guards, also known as categories, keep topics focused and increase their success of scoring with ideal clients. When using categories, you can keep your blog posts out of the gutter increasing your changes to score!

Attract More Clients by Listening to Ed Sheeran

People are going crazy over Ed Sheeran. The question is, “Why?” I believe it’s in part because his music stirs up deep feelings within his listeners. He paints word pictures, weaving together well-crafted lyrics with beautiful melodies. And we’re smitten. So what does this have to do with your business? Quite simply: everything. Your blog posts ought to be just as compelling, creating images for and drawing out deep feelings from your ideal clients. Your words ought to do the heavy lifting of client attraction for you.

Six Ways to Generate Compelling Client-Centric Blog Posts

As a heart-centered, service-minded entrepreneur, you want to authentically connect with your ideal clients. In many circles, this is known as “marketing.” Before you shudder and turn away, know you can market in a way that feels great to both your potential customer and you. One tool to create connection and value is publishing a blog.

Lessons Learned on The Way to Santiago

When an injury threatens Deborah’s long-time dream of walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, she learns valuable lessons about the strength of community.

3 Ways to Generate Content a Blog Post Plan B

Ahhh! What do you do when you suddenly realize you have no blog posts schedule or planned — and you have to post one NOW? Don’t panic! Use one of these easy plan B tips.

5 Must-Haves in Your Blog Editorial Calendar

Some people are naturally planners; others aren’t. Those who consistently write and publish compelling blog posts tend to be planners. They use something called an “editorial calendar” to plan what they want to say and when. Learn how creating an editorial calendar for your blog posts will save you time and reduce stress and 5 must-haves that should be in your editorial calendar.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Blog

Before you put fingers to keyboard and launch your business blog, be sure to flesh out the “WHY” first. Already have a blog? Don’t worry complete the three-step process outlined here and then reassess your existing posts.