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About Crystal Andrus

Crystal Andrus is a bestselling author, international speaker, women’s advocate, host of “The Crystal Andrus Show” on CBS Radio, Founder of “The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)”—the world’s #1 online Personal Empowerment Certification Coaching School, exclusively for women, and Founder of the Simply…Woman online magazine – .
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Simply… Empowered! Why Did I Let You Dull My Shine?

I recently posted some new photos on Facebook that my 17-year-old daughter (a budding new make-up artist and photographer) took of me. Truth be told, I’ve been stepping back into my “Woman Energy” over the past few months – really getting my “Mo-Jo” back — and I wanted some new pictures to reflect where I’m at now.

Simply… Empowered! Are You Wearing Your Weight as Protection?

Women’s Empowerment Coach Crystal Andrus shares an intimate look into her healing journey with her body and her reconnection with her true self. Her personal revelation led to the realization that, like so many other women, she was psychically using her extra weight as a protection mechanism from years of unresolved wounds, anger, and emotions.

Simply… Empowered! How Would a Woman React?

We’ve all had that relationship that goes from “hero to zero” in no time flat—whether it be with a friend, family member, or lover—that leaves us wondering what the heck just happened.

So how do we stop the hurt from making us heartless . . . or the wounds from making us bitter rather than better?

Simply…Empowered!: Trust is the Seat of the Soul

Not long ago, I did a weeklong workshop for women at a beautiful retreat in upstate New York. The surroundings were serene; the warm summer weather was perfect; and the food was all organic, unprocessed, and vegetarian. There were no telephones, televisions, radios, or computers. We all stayed in rustic cottages surrounded by 195 acres of rolling hills, plush gardens, and peaceful woodlands. Although the surroundings and lack of trappings were atypical for most of us, the women had traveled from all over North America to attend this powerful week of health and healing with me. And I was nervous and excited to be giving it.

Simply… Empowered! The First Step Needed to Create a Magnificent Life!

If you can’t seem to create or sustain success in any area of your life, you clearly have unfinished business that must be cleaned up first. In the powerful exercise that Crystal shares, you’ll discover a tool to looking at your life as an observer—without judgment or shame. It will show you the truth if you’ll allow it. You can keep pretending that it’s going to magically get better, but it won’t. Don’t let DENIAL – Didn’t Even Notice I Am Lying – keep you stuck any longer! You deserve a magnificent life!

Simply… Empowered! Transcendent Beauty: My Hope for All Women

Beauty begins with a single choice . . . to be. Imagine just being beautiful, and having the absolute certainty that you are. Unfortunately, most of us have bought into the myth that if we try hard enough, we may perhaps . . . eventually . . . sort of . . . feel it. Worrying, stressing, wondering, planning, devising, speculating, and most often doubting, we’re constantly searching for “it.” But it never comes . . . and it never will, because being beautiful is only attainable with two effortless words: I am.

Simply…Empowered! Self-Love, Selfish, Selfless: What is the Answer?

When a woman deliberately awakens the incredible force of Woman EnergyTM within herself, she becomes dignified and enlivened in every area of her life—physically, financially, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Simply… Empowered! Soul Mates & Soul Supporters

Synergistic relationships happen every day – in life, romance, friendship and in business. Learn more about these incredibly meaningful and empowering relationships

Simply Empowered… Who You Really Are!

The reason most of us aren’t living our lives on our own terms and instead are feeling more like a by-stander, waiting for someone to give us permission to get back in the game—is simply because we’ve forgotten who we really are. We’ve forgotten how powerful, magnificent, important, and worthy we are. We’ve forgotten our innate wisdom. We’ve forgotten how the Universe works, love works, our body works, and how the divine dance of our femininity. It’s time you claim the life you deserve and desire.

Simply… Empowered! Building Your Trust Muscle

The hand of fate will touch us all. Faith, like trust, isn’t an insurance policy against pain and suffering. It’s a knowingness that although we can’t always understand the whys, we surrender our questioning, believing that love will see us through. We know the strength of the human spirit. Remember that it’s not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you that shapes your future.