Cindy Hively

About Cindy Hively

Cindy Hively calls the Roanoke Valley in Virginia her home. She is surrounded by beautiful mountains that inspire and heal her every day. She worked twenty five years in a career she loved but had to quit work due to chronic illness. She is now on a Spiritual journey for healing the mind, body, spirit and heart and inviting others to join her along the way as she teaches and mentors how to live an Awakened Life as an Awakened Living Mentor and the Goddess Creatrix for her newest brand, In Her Fullness

Awakened Living means living in a constant awareness and flow. It is a relaxing into this life, where a growing peacefulness, patience and compassion for all of life are your truest essence. It is a healing journey through metta, meditation, mindfulness practices and self compassion. It’s the creation of being joyfully full within your sacred body vessel that you create to overflowing for yourself and others through the rhythms of nature and the mysteries of life.

Sacredness Of The Senses

When life is chaotic we can use our senses to come back to center and practice what our senses are trying to tell us. The practice of listening to what my senses are feeling and trying to tell me is my latest embracing of Sacred embodiment

Nature Breath Medication Meditation

We all need time out to center ourselves and take a deep breath, or two.
When you feel stressed, pressured or stuck, give yourself permission to take time out and enjoy this simple meditation.

The Spiritual Sacred Feminine

In truth, you can only give and serve from your surplus, your overflowing full cup. It is the creative juices from Self-Love that feeds you and fills your cup to overflowing. When you know this, you make decisions and follow through with action guided by Self-Love.

The Embrace Of Coming Home To Yourself

Struggle occurs when we resist reality. So the best way to end the struggle is to embrace the impermanence in life. Enjoy the good and remember that the not so good times are just temporary.

The Body Never Lies

Each of us needs the gift of spaciousness and our own time to recharge or readjust to life in Spirit. It is the one truth that keeps us grounded. It’s all part of the journey and I know that I’m not alone in this.

Beauty Blooms in the Darkness

A few days ago on an early morning walk I had an awakening of my own. It was as though over night the wild cherry tree have come into full bloom. I then took notice of other tress and realized this happens at night during the darkness. It’s true. I had blooming buds that completely opened over night on several trees. This was true for my Dogwood trees, the Japanese Cheery trees and others. It really made me stop and think about this miraculous time and realizing the darkness and night hold so many mysteries and secrets. Don’t shut the door to your tress and gardens when the sun goes down. There are many plants and trees that flower at night, adding color and texture under the moonlight. White flowers, in particular, seem to glow in the evening.

Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet

I also usually wake up very stiff and in pain from chronic illness. I don’t usually talk about my Lupus and other health challenges very much but in the last two months the messages and emails keep pouring in and I feel a Spiritual nudge to come out of the medicine cabinet.

The Guest That Lives Within You…You

A lot of people feel threatened if they feel they are being asked to question their cherished beliefs or their perception of reality. This is a learning I embraced as I learned to live with life changes. Questioning is what keeps our minds supple and strong. Simply settling on one way of seeing things and refusing to be open to other possibilities makes the mind rigid and generally creates a restrictive and uncomfortable mindset.

Cultivating a Magical You

So many times we look for a huge change or a grand master plan and we push and push until our mind tricks us into that which isn’t what we are being asked to do at all. No pushing is ever required.

Sensuous Spring Fever

The seasonal rhythms are meant to be celebrated, nurtured and loved as all of nature is intended to be. When our patterns are ebbing and flowing according to their natural rhythms, our body is perfectly synchronized and performs at its peak.