Cindy Heath

About Cindy Heath

Described as ‘masterful’ in her ‘Real Beautiful’ book and awarded for her ‘caring’ in her Nursing practice, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Energy Healer, and Registered Nurse Cindy Heath shares energy secrets with woman across the world. Cindy teaches women how to link the energy of their own body to a hidden field of energy in the universe so a rare experience in beauty, healing, miracles and heaven can be found. Download a free sparkling heart and audio so you can begin to use the energy in your own body to create Beauty, Power, Healing, Magic, & Miracles. Visit

5 Energy Secrets to Heal Grief and Find Heaven

To confidently say that one should not fear death [your own or another] may seem implausible, yet it is the experience of reaching other dimensions that will change your understanding of both life and death forever. Practice the 5 Energy Secrets below to help guide you through a rare experience in healing and contact with heaven as you grieve.

The Voice Inside

I believe that when we sit still in meditation we can make contact with our inner voice or the spirit part of who we are. Hearing this voice can mark the beginning of divine journey back to health and empowerment in your mind, body, and spirit. This muted voice inside you is all-knowing and connected to a universal energy that has the power to heal and uplift you to a vibrational level of being, unknown to many, but available to all.

The Miracles in Our Breath

Shallow and unconscious breathing blocks the door to REAL Beautiful living and being. It cuts off our communication to the divine universal intelligence that holds the magic and beauty of life itself within it. It makes sense, then, that we should breathe better, longer, deeper, and with more honor and reverence. As Yogi Bhajan teaches us in the quote above, when we breathe consciously instead of unconsciously, the universe will reach out to us.

Beauty Breath Meditation

The energy of the universe contains a sacred field of infinite magic power that every heart- filled intention can reach. Its potential to manifest beauty and all things sits inside the hidden vibratory waves it owns that can be awakened. Many sages, saints, and spiritual masters across the ages share their insights about this secret hidden force and guide us to go within to find it. There are secrets in our breath that can help link us to this higher energy if we can commit to breathing more consciously—and then the power of that breath becomes divine.