Charisse Sisou

About Charisse Sisou

High Priestess of Pleasure to Women Here to Change the World and Chief Correspondent from Your Happy Place, Charisse Sisou is on a mission: to populate the world with happy women. Founder of the Claim Your Feminine Course, she reminds women leaders of their innate superpowers, magnetic nature, and untapped energy reserves, to break through their own glass ceiling to change the world.
As a nationally award-winning bellydancer and instructor, she connected hundreds of women with their bodies and femininity; as a copywriter, she helped women executives and entrepreneurs tell their stories and own their gifts; and as a corporate refugee and lifelong student of the art and science of women’s empowerment – her degree is in Women’s Studies, for Pete’s sake – she navigated the unique and collective challenges we face as women. Charisse of inspires you to show up as ALL of who you are – curves, edges and all.

The Power Of Our Bodies To Heal Our Stories: What I Learned Competing For Bellydancer Of The Year

The body stores memories, tucking them in bone and sinew. These untold stories shape how we carry ourselves and whether we open ourselves to new experiences – or unwittingly block opportunities we desire. What happens when we free those stories?

Love Your Scars: What The Korean Spa Teaches Us About Beauty

My daughter taught me how to love my body. Where I saw stretch marks, she wondered at their velvety texture. In the ladies’ shower at the Korean spa, I realize: we don’t spend nearly enough time around naked women.

Re-friending The Body: 3 Daily Rituals

A surefire way to fall back in love with the body is to get to know her intimately, and treat her with the love and tenderness you would show a lover. Which means that sometimes, affirmations don’t cut it.