Catherine Hayes

About Catherine Hayes

After a life changing accident, Catherine Hayes, SM, DMD, DMSc, CPCC, ACC changed the course of her life and career and stepped onto the spiritual and personal development path as a student and now a teacher. Catherine is a certified life and leadership coach with training and certification from the Coach Training Institute and credentialing from the International Coach Federation. She is an Authorized and Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher and International Enneagram Association (IEA) Certified Professional and Accredited Teacher and has a passion for bringing the Enneagram forth to help others transform their lives and live more peacefully.

Catherine is a long-time student of the Diamond Approach, a psychospiritual approach to living from one’s true self. She is deeply committed to helping women find their true self and live authentically. Learn more at and claim your free eGuide, 6 Life-Changing Reasons Why Knowing Your Enneagram Type Matters.

How the Enneagram Opened the Doorway to My Soul & Transformed My Life

Embracing our Enneagram personality type guides us deeper and deeper into an understanding of our true nature. By bringing greater awareness and presence to our personality structures, we wake up to our truth. With compassion for ourselves and for others, we use the Enneagram to live a more authentic life. Learning about the Enneagram is personal. Its teaching is imbued with grace and wisdom and the power to change lives. Mine is one.

Understanding the Enneagram Centers: Body, Heart and Head

One way to start your exploration of the Enneagram is to look at the three centers: The Body or Instinctive center, the Heart center and the Head center. Each of these centers has three Enneagram types and a predominant theme.

Understanding Yourself Using the Power of the Enneagram

Each of the nine Enneagram types have wonderful gifts and unique challenges. As we become awake to both, we can truly live whole, fulfilling and peaceful lives. Catherine Hayes, Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher, shares how understanding the enneagram helps you understand yourself.