Bev Janisch

About Bev Janisch

Bev Janisch is a mindful living coach, speaker and author. Bev mentors women who are ready to take an inner journey to connect with themselves, gain clarity about who they are, what’s important to them and how to live a life full of passion and peace of mind. Bev empowers women with a proven mindfulness based system of powerful tools and techniques to transform their lives from the inside out. Bev’s 30 years as a compassionate nurse and her current expertise as a certified mindfulness and meditation coach sets the stage for profound transformations. Women who work with Bev are guaranteed to ignite their inner sparkle. To learn more, apply to work with Bev or receive your free gift visit

Feeling Drained? 5 Mindfulness Tips to Nourish Your Soul

Is your busyness robbing you of the relationship with the most important person in your life- yourself? Are you so busy with do-ing, accomplishing and running around that you are exhausted and feel you’ve become disconnected from your soul and authentic self? It’s time to slow down and become fully aware of each moment in your life. Bev Janisch shares 5 mindfulness tips to nourish your soul.

Be Silent to Find Your True Voice

By the time we reach our adult years we have a whole crowd of people’s opinions and beliefs living in our heads. In order to find our own voices we need to ask the voices that aren’t ours to step aside.

Forgiveness Is ALL About ME!

This article challenges our traditional view about forgiveness and shifts us away from being a victim. It includes a powerful meditation practice to help us make the shift.

5 Tips to Help You Make Friends With Your Feelings

This article includes 5 tips to help women embrace their full range of emotions in a way that nourishes their body, mind and spirit.

How to Approach Vulnerability with Confidence

This article provides 3 insights to help women determine when vulnerability is helpful in their lives and when it is not.