Annie Burnside

About Annie Burnside

Annie Burnside is a parent, educator and soul nurturer. She inspires and helps integrate spiritual perspective and truths for individuals and groups; columnist for Evolving Your Spirit magazine; earned her Bachelors Degree/ Sociology, DePauw University and Masters Degree/Education, DePaul University. Burnside resides in Illinois with her husband and three children.

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10 Tips for Soul to Soul Parenting

It is my grandest hope that parents from all religious, economic and cultural backgrounds begin to consciously integrate a new perspective—a soul perspective—into their beloved family while simultaneously raising consciousness in our world; one individual and one family at a time. Using my personal path of self-discovery, woven into a positive and transformational parenting approach I have created a framework for other parents who desire the same.

Intuition and the Family

Intuition must be modeled, taught and allowed to flourish in the home. Speak of it often and remind your beloved children that they are blended beings, more powerful to create their own reality than most realize. It is time to offer our children more—and
greater intimacy with their own soul—there is no greater gift that we can give. Allow the five reminders to serve you and your family in getting into the habit of identifying intuitive feelings daily.

Grace and the Family

I experienced a dream last night where I was swimming in the ocean with my family. We were facing enormous waves, but enjoying the adventure because of the waves not despite them. I realized that while guidance to another on how to navigate the chaos of each crest was possible, it was ultimately up to each individual to chart her own path through the breaking waves. I felt in my deepest space the full responsibility that was mine to remain ever-present and available to each powerful wave. I intuitively chose to dive deeply under the crashing whitecaps rather than attempt to push through the surface. In doing so, I calmly glided in silence under the turbulent motion and felt barely a ripple on my back. In between each wave, I rose to the surface of the ocean and took a deep conscious breath of gratitude and exhilaration for the experience. As the inevitability of another massive wave struck, feeling confident, empowered, appreciative, safe, exuberant, joyous, and invincible, I once again dove deeply under the wave and experienced gliding gracefully through the challenge. The initial fear of the waves readily turned into a deep faith in myself to embrace the opportunity to feel and ultimately own my true power.

Soul to Soul Parenting: Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude and Appreciation are states of being. The vibration of gratitude and appreciation is your greatest creative tool, not only for physical manifestation, but for inner peace, as well. The absolute key to shifting your life into one that is infused with an everyday spiritual practice is to appreciate and become blissfully grateful for what you already have.