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About Ann Sanfelippo

Ann Sanfelippo is the #1 international best-selling author of Wealth Attraction Formula; a speaker, coach, and founder of The Wealth AttractionTM Academy, a company dedicated to providing women with the tools and resources they need to manifest an abundant life of their dreams―financially, emotionally and spiritually. Ann has studied the philosophies of the most powerful influencers in the world, both past and present; these incredible mentors helped propel her to outstanding success. Now, she shares her formula with the world.

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Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Attaining expert status in your field means becoming the go-to resource for your ideal clients, and achieving name recognition and brand association in your field. There are many ways to do that—but in order to really be successful with them, you have to walk your talk, speak to your niche, and continually grow your knowledge base. Otherwise, any gains you make will quickly be outpaced by changing markets. Ann Sanfelippo shares 8 simple things to consider as you begin to cultivate your expert status.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Accountability and Your Personal Vision

Your personal vision is your guiding light. It’s your North Star, the beacon by which you navigate all of the various facets of your life. It is your highest priority, and the ultimate deciding factor for every action you take. World-class keynote speaker, Coach and Founder of The Wealth Attraction™ Academy, Ann Sanfelippo shares why accountability is important to your personal vision.

How Spirituality & Personal Development Influence Mindset 

Spirituality and personal development are a huge part of cultivating a positive mindset and creating a success spiral. Why? Because this work helps you become more aware of your beliefs, actions, and motivations—and when you have an awareness of something, it’s a lot easier to change it if it isn’t supporting you.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Shift Your Beliefs, Shift Your Life

In order to create wealth and success in my life, I had to look outside my current circle of influence and step into a bigger arena. Similarly, if you want to create your vision of wealth and success, you will need to surround yourself with people who not only support that vision, but can actually help you shift your beliefs and achieve your dreams.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Celebrate Yourself and Accelerate Your Dreams

As I’ve been sharing in the Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams series, the process of creating your dream life starts with desire, which informs vision. Vision can only become reality through action. Accountability helps you make greater strides through inspired action. These are the first four keys to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness in your life. The fifth and final key in my method is celebration, and it’s more important to creating your reality and realizing your dreams than you think.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Take Action to Bring Your Vision to Life

Action is the third of my 5 keys to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness. Your journey starts with desire, which leads to vision. Vision, in turn, can only become reality through―you guessed it―action!

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Who’s On Your Team? The Power of Accountability

It is said that we are the sum of the five people with whom we spend the most time. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly being influenced by the energies of the people around us, and we in turn are influencing them. You will always rise to the level of those with whom you surround yourself. In my Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams column series I’ve been sharing the keys to manifesting wealth, health, and happiness and this post cover key four, which is accountability.

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: Align with Your Vision to Create Powerful Results

You are the creator of your reality, and you are 100 percent responsible for the life that you are living. Your desires―the things you want, wish for, and strive for; the things that drive you to get out of bed in the morning―are the first key to creating the wealthy, healthy, happy life you’ve been dreaming of. The next step is to align with your vision and Expert Columnist Ann Sanfelippo guides you through the process.

Your Inner Voice: Friend or Foe?

The following questions will help you identify the relationship you have with your inner voice and help you recognize that it is possible to work together and create positive results and good feelings towards your decisions:

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: The Power of Desire

Are you living the life of your dreams? Or do you secretly wish things were different? “Desire is the first key to accelerating wealth, health, and happiness because whenever you have a wish, dream, hope, or intention, you plant a seed from which a new reality can grow. Whether this seed will flourish or remain hidden underground depends―you guessed it―on your beliefs. Expert Columnist Ann Sanfelippo shares some simple ways to open the connection to your Source and true self.