Alice Greene

About Alice Greene

Alice is known as America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She is leading the way in blending lifestyle coaching with fitness, nutrition, emotional eating, wellness and dream fulfillment to create a healthier way of living.
Alice is the founder and president of Feel Your Personal Best, a leader in healthy lifestyle coaching. She is also the author of series of coach-facilitated Healthy Living “program-in-a-guide”, co-developer of the Living Free Diabetes CD program, and co-host of Living Your Personal Best radio show. She also hosts the blog Healthy Living Inside & Out.
She is a certified ACE personal trainer, Dream Coach® group leader, and certified in Intuitive Eating. She is also a graduate of the Fitness by Phone® coaching program and has completed coursework in lifestyle fitness and wellness coaching.

Alice knows what it takes to find the resolve to live a better life and the steps to successfully make fitness, health and following dreams a positive lifestyle choice. Six years ago she resolved to finally get fit, gain control over her weight, and leave the high-tech consulting firm she started and ran for sixteen years to create a lifestyle coaching business based on her successful experience.

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Feeling Your Personal Best: Better Way of Having Your Halloween Candy

Every year it is the same for most people. Halloween triggers a candy binge that can last for days and for some, a binge that lasts right through the holidays. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can enjoy your Halloween candy in moderation without making yourself sick or guilty. Learn about a whole new way of dealing with the upcoming holiday and enjoying your candy even more.

Feeling Your Personal Best: Is Your Doctor Part of the Problem?

Doctors are hyper-focused on obesity and have taken it upon themselves to get patients to lose weight. But are they making things worse? Is your doctor really giving you good advice, or is the advice the latest standard Rx for all patients? If you leave your doctor feeling worse than when you arrived, trust your intuition and get a second opinion. Your doctor may be the problem.

Feeling Your Personal Best: Why Willpower Is Not Enough

Turning to willpower is like having an enforcer on your shoulder, monitoring your every move and judging your actions. Forget about willpower and beating yourself up. Focus instead on what feels good and give yourself a chance to succeed on your own terms.

Give Yourself a Boost of Confidence

Have you ever felt badly about your ability to reach a certain goal or outcome when you didn’t achieve something you thought you should? If so, you may have even felt badly about yourself, assuming you should have been able to follow through, go the extra mile or will yourself to just do it. This happens even to the best of us.

Feeling Your Personal Best: Are You Exercise Resistant?

A general lack of motivation may not be the real reason you do not want to exercise. There are many reasons for avoiding exercise and feeling unmotivated, and most stem from past experiences and your emotional reactions to those events. Get insights about what is getting in the way of being more active and then discover an easier way to get back on track, feeling successful and recapturing your inner motivation.

Stopping to See Your Successes

How often have you given up on your healthier eating or exercise because you felt you failed or were not perfectly good at meeting the expectations? If you are like most women, this is a common struggle that impacts your ability to succeed at reaching your health, fitness or weight loss goals. Discover how focusing on your successes is the secret to staying motivated and on track.

Giving Mothers Permission to Feel Good

Nearly every mother I talk to wants to be a healthy and fit role model for their kids, but it seems nearly impossible to do when everything else comes first. Or so most believe, until they discover a whole new way to think about health, fitness and self-care. Not only are there simple ways to incorporate healthier choices, the more you take care of yourself and listen to what feels good physically, emotionally and mentally, the more you will naturally gravitate to healthier behaviors and your spiritual guidance.

Listen to What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

Why do any of us push ourselves past what feels comfortable or past our own body’s limits? t is a good question, because it is something that many of us do. We’ve become disengaged from the signals our bodies are sending us and disregard the warning signs.

Emotional Eating Revealed

When I first met MaryLou, she said her biggest issue was emotional eating. She ate frequently when she wasn’t hungry and felt compelled to eat junk foods when things didn’t go well. That certainly suggests emotional eating, but it could also be the result of other eating issues or subconscious triggers.

Breaking the Deprivation Cycle

You know you shouldn’t have that piece of cake, the Girl Scout cookies or the candy that is calling your name, but you just can’t help yourself. You just have to have some. The next thing you know, you’ve eaten more than you wanted and now you are feeling full and guilty. Once again you just couldn’t seem to stay in control around food. Has this happened to you recently?