The Power of Collaboration – The New Paradigm


Linda Joy 250x300Linda Joy 250x300Linda Joy 250x300I’m honored that you’ve stopped by to learn more about partnering with Aspire Magazine as a Team Inspiration collaborative partner. Since late 2009 our heart-centered collaborative model has been supporting visionary heart-centered entrepreneurs, authors and creatives in reaching the women they are meant to serve while spreading Aspire’s message of hope, love and inspiration. The new paradigm for business is here.”   Linda Joy, Publisher & Authentic Marketing & List-Building Catalyst


The Vision Behind Team Inspiration

Now more than ever women yearn for connection, depth and authenticity in all their relationships including those they choose to do business with. In my mission and vision for life and business I choose to work, play, collaborate and create with spirit-led, heart-centered female visionaries who are an energetic match for me and my global audience.  

In late November of 2009, after four years as a regional full-color print magazine I made the decision to launch Aspire as an online digital publication to get our message of love, wisdom and inspiration to a global audience.  To support Aspire’s entry into the virtual world I created my vision for a new paradigm of doing business – Team Inspiration.  A feminine collaborative model  based on the feminine business (and life) principles close to my heart: Authenticity, Relationships, Intention, Collaboration and Service. 

On launch day the Team Inspiration partners supported (and continue to support) Aspire’s free subscription campaign called the Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women using the heart-centered, collaborative model that I created. 

Within 100 days of launching the Mission to Inspire campaign (which had just 20 collaborative partners at the time) over 10,000 women accepted our free subscription offer and were introduced to Team Inspiration and invited to download their free gifts.  Today, we have over fifty partners and growing and would be honored if YOU joined us too. 

Are you ready to join us?

Imagine collaborating with the leader in multi-media inspirational publishing and highlighting YOUR brand in front of a highly-targeted global audience of women – as well as be side by side with some of the leading visionaries in the personal development world.  If you’ve come this far in the process of learning more about the Team Inspiration Collaborative model it tells me that you too believe there is another way of doing business and you’ve found it here.  The feminine conscious success principles are changing the world and Aspire is excited to be part of the energetic shift that will create the tipping point for the new business paradigm.

How Team Inspiration works

The Team Inspiration Model in Action – The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration in Action!  As part of our collaborative model every Team Inspiration collaborative partner agrees to share the LINK to Aspire’s “Mission to Inspire” free Aspire subscription offer through her ezines, social media and banner placement on her website where applicable.  As traffic is driven to our FREE subscription offer and a woman subscribes to Aspire she is immediately led to the CLAIM YOUR TEAM INSPIRATION gift page where she has access to all the Team Inspiration partner downloads.  Collaboratively sharing the free subscription offer drives traffic to YOUR SITE and builds your list.

It’s in the numbers!  Let’s say your email list is currently at 1,000 subscribers. With the old paradigm you consistently struggle to add highly-targeted subscribers to your tribe, but there’s another way – one of ease and grace.

Envision this… YOU have 1,000 subscribers and come together with 50 other partners who for the sake of this example EACH have 1000 subscribers.  When sending out your ‘Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women’ emails and social media each month driving traffic to our free subscription as a collaborative you have now reached 50,000 potential viewers to the Team Inspiration Free Gift Page.  That is the power of collaboration!

TOGETHER, by driving traffic to the Mission to Inspire free subscription offer you have collaboratively reached 100,000 potential clients who may download YOUR gift and learn more about YOUR business.

TOGETHER, you will be a part of inspiring women around the world by offering them the premiere inspirational magazine at no cost AND building your own business.

TOGETHER, we can be the change we wish to see.

 (Please note: the subscriber numbers used above are an example only.  Many of our partners along with Aspire have lists well over 15,000.)

It’s simple really! As a partner you commit to honoring your commitment you made not only to Aspire but to all the other collaborative partners who are doing their part to support you and your growth. Collaborating with integrity is the power behind the success of Feminine Conscious Business principles. Team Inspiration partners are conscious business owners who truly believe in the power of collaboration in creating a stronger business not only for themselves but for the entire collective of Team Inspiration partners. It’s not an “I” mentality but a “WE” mentality and honors an abundance mindset that there is business for all. It’s collaborating with integrity!

Aspire’s Committment to Our Team Inspiration Partners

I am committed to your success and that of each of Aspire’s Team Inspiration partners.  Upon being accepted as a Team Inspiration collaborative partner you will be placed to two of Aspire’s high profile Team Inspiration pages:

Meet the Team page:

Your business will be featured on our Meet the Team page and include  your headshot/logo, bio, and your URL  for visitors to learn more about the work you do in the world. Aspire uses this page URL in its social media, ezines and special projects to introduce our Team Inspiration partners to our audience.  You are more than welcome to share this link with your family of subscribers.

Claim Your Free Gift page:

List-Building Magic starts here!  Your free downloadable gift will be featured on this private access page (so private that I can’t put the link here or it will be found in Google search engines). This private access page is only accessible to Aspire subscribers and features your free gift image, description and link to your gift opt-in page.  The more you and the Team share the Mission to Inspire campaign the more traffic is driven to this page thereby expanding your opt-in list. (Never share this page with the general public – for Aspire subscriber access only.  View a PDF of the page here.

Bonus Benefits: Team Inspiration partners receive invitations to our outside partners collaborative projects; special discounts on advertising and much more.

Ready to Inspire Women around the World and Build Your List?

In this section you will find the collaborative details and requirements of being a Team Inspiration collaborative partner.

The success of this conscious business model lies in the integrity and collaborative effort of EVERY partner doing what they have committed to do.  The commitment is not only to Aspire and the entire collaborative of partners but to the conscious business shift occurring in the world.

In exchange for placement in as a Team Inspiration Joint Venture partner you agree to:

  • PROVIDE A QUALITY FREE DOWNLOADABLE GIFT that is in alignment with our mission, vision and audience. This free gift should be hosted on a special opt-in page on your website or blog.
    • Monthly Ezine Placement:  We understand that every conscious business owner interacts differently with their audience so we give partners two options to choose from for their monthly placement. 
      1. Place a 125 x 125 banner in your monthly emails with your unique non-commission affiliate tracking link.
      2. 30 word text ad with your unique non-commission affiliate tracking link.link.

 (These are the most important of the requirements and must be committed to honor the integrity of the partnership.)

    • Minimum 125 x 125 banner placement on your website or blog with your unique non-commission affiliate tracking link. 
    • Social Media Support:  Follow Linda Joy on Facebook and Twitter and agree to post at least one post per week on each social media platform. Each time you do we will RT you to our audience.  (All social media posts can be found in the Team Inspiration Resource Center)
  • UNIQUE Non-Commission Affiliate Tracking Link:  Each partner receives a unique affiliate tracking link.  (Out of integrity for all who have committed to the collaboration we will touch base if we notice no click-thru’s on your link to make sure your link is working properly. (Remember you are collaborating with business owners in YOUR field and circle and what we’ve discovered over the 4 years since launching the Team is that your collaborative partners will reach out to Aspire if they notice a co-partner is not fulfilling their end of promoting each other’s businesses.  Integrity is not something easily replaced once lost. If at any time you can not honor your commitment please reach out and we’ll remove your gift from the project. Of course, feel free to reach out when things change.)


Click the button below to access the Online Application Form. Please direct any technical questions to Kim Turcotte our Team Inspiration Coordinator at [email protected]

Live an Inspired Life!






As a conscious business owner myself I fully understand that there may be times you MAY NOT be able to fulfill your Team Inspiration commitment during a particular month. I get it, I truly do. 

Out of integrity I do ask that you contact us by the 20th of the preceding month so we can remove you from that month’s campaign.

Of course, when the timing is right and you can fully commit again then we will gladly add you back into the campaign.

This is to honor all those who are driving traffic to the collaborative gift page

For a conscious business model to work – ALL Partners must do their part.