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“I’m honored that you are here. Your presence tells me you are a woman yearning for authenticity, wisdom and inspiration. You are in the right place! Whether through the pages of our beautiful magazine or the inspiring resources throughout our content-rich website – you’ll discover the inspirational, empowering support and resources to support your journey of living a deeper, more authentic and inspired life.” ~ Linda Joy, Publisher


What is the “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” Campaign?

It’s simple! I am on a mission to give away 100,000 complimentary (Yes, FREE) subscriptions of Aspire Magazine to women around the world with the intent to provide ALL women with the content, tools and resources to live deeper, more authentic and inspired lives. Aspire has been a complimentary publication since late 2005 and is my gift to the world. I’m honored to share the inspiration, wisdom and love of today’s leading visionaries, authors and entrepreneurs as well as the rising stars of the future.

Life Comes Full Circle– My Big WHY?

I believe we all experience one or more transformational moments in our lives that define who we are and the path our lives will take. For me it was an emotional and spiritual awakening in 1991, as a single welfare mom about to give up on life, which I share in the introduction of my book A Juicy, Joyful Life. From that pivotal moment on I dedicated myself to filling my life, mind and heart with the inspirational and empowering words, books and wisdom of the leading visionaries of the time.

Little did I know that having access to books and the written word would become one of the most important parts of my “transformational tool chest” and allow me to begin my journey of transformation, healing and self-discovery.

With limited finances, there were times I couldn’t even afford a book that I was drawn to. I would try to find it at a local library or find someone to borrow it from – but I remember feeling that it shouldn’t be so hard. At the time, it was out of the question financially to see any of these authors and visionaries at their live events –so books became my sacred tool and remain so today.

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Soul Giggles!

I get soul giggles when I look at the path my life has taken. On that day in 1991 I was about to give up on life but that one moment led me to today. I am living my soul’s purpose and feel blessed to be doing the work I am doing in the world and am passionate about inspiring women to believe that ANYTHING is possible -because it is.

On that spring day many years ago who knew that by searching for and turning to the words of wisdom from others would lead me to discover and embrace my life’s purpose. As well as being the publisher of Aspire Mag, I am the publisher at Inspired Living Publishing, publisher of two best-selling inspirational books written by women and for women. As well as the host and producer of the highly-successful Inspired Living Secrets teleseminar series heading into it’s third season. Another project close to my heart is the Authentic Conversations with Extraordinary Women perpetual audio series and coming in 2013 Inspired Living University. Soul giggles abound as I am the now the one bringing the inspirational words and wisdom of others to life and to the world.

The Journey!

Aspire’s first print issue was released in Feb of 2006 with the intent to inspire just ONE WOMAN to believe that she too has the power to transform her life. Today, thanks to the Mission to Inspire campaign, we are a global, interactive digital publication serving tens of thousands of women who receive our complimentary digital subscription and are enjoying the transformational gifts from our partners.

Sitting in the car that Spring day in 1991, I could never have imagined that my personal journey would lead to founding the premiere inspirational magazine for women along with many other projects dedicated to inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic lives. Some of the same authors and visionaries who have been such virtual mentors in my own journey now grace the covers of Aspire or are part of my other inspirational brands.

Talk about coming full circle!

My Personal Promise to You!

As a heart-centered conscious business owner it is important that my business reflect my personal and spiritual beliefs. Now more than ever women are yearning for connection, community and a deeper sense of purpose. An awakening to our innate gifts, power and voice is being felt by women across the globe as they reach out to be heard, find their tribe and find a place that inspires, uplifts and feeds their inner callings.

Mainstream media bombards women with messages of ‘not being good enough as we are’ and encouraging women to live from the ‘outside-in’ leaving us feeling wounded, unworthy and doubting.

An inner revolution is taking place around the globe and women are experiencing an inner tugging that is shouting ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Across the world women’s souls are shouting….

“I AM worthy and perfect just as I AM”

I PROMISE YOU that as a part of the Aspire family you can expect that every digital issue of Aspire, along with our content–rich website, weekly emails, recommended resources, books, events and advertisers are all dedicated to…

Nourishing the belief that you are worthy and perfect as you are at this very moment.

Creating an understanding that though your current situation, relationships or surroundings may not be perfect that who you are at your core can only be perfect.

Guiding you in reconnecting and rediscovering with the knowledge that you already possess the insight, wisdom and answers you search for.

Inspiring you to DREAM BIG and bringing you the tips, tools and resources to create and support those dreams.

Assisting you in rediscovering your inner gifts and in bringing them to the world

Believing that YOU hold the power to transform your life – from the inside out.

Connecting you with resources, products and services that have the power to inspire, uplift, empower and transform.

Introducing you to extraordinary women, authors and visionaries who are bravely stepping out and shining their unique light and illuminating the path of transformation for others to discover.

Bring us One Woman closer to our Goal and Subscribe Today!

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Conscious Business Owners supporting our Mission and …

Bringing you over $3,500 (and growing) worth of complimentary gifts with your Subscription

I have selectively partnered with conscious business owners around the globe who passionately believe and support the intent and purpose of Aspire’s “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign and whose work in the world is in alignment with ours. We call them our…

Team Inspiration partners …

To support our mission our partners share our web banners and links for our Free Subscription offer with their family of followers and offer a downloadable complimentary gift(s) with every Aspire Subscription.

Meet our Team Inspiration partners
We are grateful for the support of this amazing team of conscious business owners and as a subscriber you will have access to this ever growing ‘transformational treasure chest” of gifts.


Start Your Journey with Aspire Today!

I look forward to our journey together. Enjoy your subscription to Aspire and become a part of our community by writing articles, sharing our mission, posting comments on our content-rich website. Of course, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Live an Inspired Life!


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Inviting Ms. Joy as a Media or Speaking Guest:
As a sought-after media and speaking guest, listeners are drawn to her heart-felt openness, down-to-earth style and touch of humor that she brings to her appearances. Whether sharing her personal transformational story from single, welfare mother to award-winning entrepreneur or sharing the conscious business model she created to bring her publishing business to a global market, Ms. Joy inspires guests to believe that they too have the power to overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams.

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