Activate Your Soul’s Purpose: The Secret is in Your Hands


Did you know that your Life Purpose is in your hands – literally?

It is.

Thanks to a little known but rapidly spreading secret called “scientific hand analysis,” your specific Life Purpose can be identified from your fingerprints. Your fingerprints form in uterine between the 14th and 16th week of development and don’t change. Because this information doesn’t change, it profoundly affects your life – whether you are aware of it or not.

Your Life Purpose is what your soul came to Earth to accomplish. What could be more important than that?

The fingerprints reveal a proven 3-step formula to activate your soul’s purpose:

1.      Your Life School

2.      Your Life Lesson

3.      Your SPECIFIC Life Purpose

Step #1: Your Life School

There are four types of fingerprint patterns: the arch, the tented arch, the loop and the whorl. Each of these prints brings with it a different quality or essence. You can think of these essences as Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace.

In order to embody and express this ‘essence’ in your everyday life, you go to school – in this case, the “life school” determined by your fingerprints. Because your fingerprints do not change, you are in this school for life. As the rock band, The Eagles, sing – your Life School is a bit like the “Hotel California” – ‘you can check out but you can never leave.’ (And if you ‘check out,’ your life ramps up the intensity to get your full attention and sends you back to school for more consciousness-raising!)

Just like regular school, your Life School provides you with new information, course work, tests, group interaction, trial and error and immersion experiences to develop the skills you need to navigate your life.

Based upon the prints on your 10 digits, it is possible to be in up to three schools; however, most people are in only one school.

School of Peace

Fingerprint Pattern: Arch; Element: Earth
If you are in the School of Peace, ‘safety’ is your buzz word. You are learning to feel safe in your body and safe on the planet. You may find you deal with a near-chronic internal anxiety that makes ordinary tasks seem like high-stake activities. For example, getting your closet organized or your utilities set up in a new residence can feel overwhelming, even panic-inducing – until you remember to simply breathe and bring your full attention to the task at hand.

School of Wisdom

Fingerprint Pattern: Tented Arch; Element: Fire

Knowledge is useless if you don’t use it. If you are in the School of Wisdom, using what you know in an active, engaged way is your homework. What do you need to really decide upon and commit to? Taking action on an important decision is wisdom. For example, deciding to have a child and re-arranging your business and personal life in advance of the baby’s arrival is the exercise of wisdom. We don’t always use what we know, but when we do, life sometimes rewards us with clarity and ease.

School of Love

Fingerprint Pattern: Loop; Element: Water

The School of Peace asks you to remember to breathe and feel your body attached below your neck. The School of Wisdom asks you to take action in a thoughtful, committed way. The School of Love asks you to open your heart and simply express, “I feel ___________” and fill in the blank with a feeling word, such as happy, sad, angry, grateful.

By expressing emotion in an authentic way, you develop self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself and others. Acknowledging your emotional life gives energy to your life as a whole because emotions that might be stored as baggage are simply felt and released. It is not necessary to justify, rationalize or explain what you feel. What is vital is that you FEEL and let it go, one emotion at a time, so you can move forward with an unburdened and open heart.

School of Service

Fingerprint Pattern: Whorl; Element: Air

Peaceful breath, wise action, open heart… can you imagine it? You draw in a deep breath (peace) as you make your decision to move forward on an important project (wisdom). You connect to your heart and feel all of your feelings (love) as they move through you – panic, anxiety, hope, excitement, passion, certainty of success.

Holding your head high and straight, you imagine the top of your head opening up to the heavens to connect with infinite intelligence, source energy, the divine, God. You are one with all that is. You are made of the same stuff as everything else. You feel union, bliss, joy. This is the School of Service in its most exalted state.

In the School of Service, when you don’t feel this divine union, you are learning the difference between awareness of your spiritual essence and sacrificing this connection to fulfill the obligations of others. Perhaps you fear disappointing God and not living up to your ‘potential.’ This can create a drive in you to be a ‘good daughter’ to an all-seeing, punishing God at the expense of your spiritual truth. For people in the School of Service, their greatest service is fulfilling their Life Purpose.

What could be more important than that?

Step #2: Life Lesson

Your Life School prepares you for your finest accomplishment  – a life of purpose.

However, you may have noticed that things do not always go smoothly. You may experience frustration, anger, arguments, failure, indecision and much more on the journey to your Life Purpose.  You may have noticed that this difficulty seems to have a repetitive quality – that you seem to deal with the same issues over and over again in your personal and professional relationships and activities. YOU are the common denominator in your challenges.

These challenges are opportunities for learning provided by your Life Lesson. Your Life Lesson, also identified from your fingerprints, is your shadow side, nemesis, or inner gremlin. This ‘gremlin’ is actually your ally in disguise, a personal trainer for your spiritual development. I call it your #1 blind spot… it really IS the key to your life playing out well, but you usually can’t see it!

For example, let’s say your fingerprints reveal that your Life Lesson is “trust issues.” You may find you have excellent business ideas or intuitive impressions about other people but fail to act on them. You may think it’s because you can’t fully trust other people or circumstances, but the real issue resides with you: trusting yourself and your own inner guidance. When you do begin to trust your inner guidance and act upon it, you may notice that positive changes begin occurring in your life – some even seeming like “miracles.”

Other Life Lessons include issues with failure/frustration, power, money, creativity, communication, family, victimization, self-worth, and peer rejection. You may have one or more lessons.

Step #3: Life Purpose

By attending to your Life School daily lessons and actively doing the opposite of what your Life Lesson would have you do (act, react or do nothing out of fear), you begin expanding into the fullness of your expression here on Earth: your Life Purpose.

Your Life Purpose is where you come alive. Your Life Purpose is your area of greatest achievement, satisfaction and service. Your Life Purpose is your reason for being and is the most important thing you could ever know – and LIVE.

Life Purposes include worldly success, leadership, business ownership, creative expression to an audience, author/speaker, mother/father, advocacy, mentorship, innovation and healing work. Some people have one purpose description, others have a combination.

YOUR Life Purpose!

The most important thing you can ever do is determine your Life Purpose and begin actively living it, expressing it all you do.

As a business mentor who specializes in helping people monetize their Life Purpose, my greatest joy is helping you discover your Life Purpose and create a strategy to create a business that expresses this purpose, so you get paid for your passions!

Sharing Your Life Purpose with Others

Once you discover your own Life Purpose through a hand analysis session, you have the option of learning this simple and fascinating fingerprint ID system for yourself. Richard Unger is the hand analysis expert who discovered this system in the early 1980s and has authorized myself and few others to teach it. Imagine what the ability to determine someone else’s Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose could do for your clients’ lives – and the full satisfaction of yours?

This ultimate coaching tool – hand analysis – gives you a ‘short cut’ to your client’s biggest challenges and greatest talents. I often hear, “Baeth, this information has saved me 10 years of therapy!” Imagine not having to spend days, weeks or even months trying to determine with your client their best course of action but have clarity in just minutes. Hand analysis can help you do all this and more. Maybe this year is THE year you discover and unleash YOUR Life Purpose? Imagine the possibilities…

Baeth Davis About Baeth Davis

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