From a seed to a blossom…

What began as a small work of heart in late 2005—a vision planted by one woman—has blossomed into an industry leading, digital publication that reaches close to 30,000 women around the world.

Aspire Magazine publishes six beautiful, content-rich, heart centered issues per year. Our mission is to bring women wisdom, resources, and inspirational stories to support their journey of living deeper, more meaningful, and empowered lives.

Aspire brings our readers today’s leading visionaries, authors, and entrepreneurs.  We partner with and support visionary women like Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford and Crystal Andrus and others. We also love supporting the rising stars in the personal development industry.

Each full-color, interactive digital issue is delivered electronically as part of our global “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign.   Women around the world can claim their free subscription along with thousands of dollars in downloadable gifts graciously offered by our Team Inspiration partners.


Fueled by Passion: Publisher Linda Joy

In her twenty-year journey from welfare mother to award-winning entrepreneur, Linda has learned firsthand the power of passion, courage, and perseverance to achieve your dreams.  She is a passionate believer that there are no failures in life — only lessons to be learned and shared. (To learn more about Linda’s personal and spiritual transformation read Linda’s Introduction in A Juicy, Joyful Life)

Linda and Louise Hay

Ms. Joy still gets soul giggles when she realizes that life has come full circle as she is now working, collaborating and supporting many of the same leading visionaries whose books were an instrumental part of her personal and spiritual journey twenty years ago. From Louise Hay to Marianne Williamson; from Debbie Ford to Cheryl Richardson you can expect today’s leading visionaries throughout the pages of Aspire.

Speaking with authenticity, passion, and purpose, Linda has been invited to share her intuitive wisdom, inspirational personal story and the principles behind her conscious business paradigm with global audiences appearing on over 40 radio shows in the last two years along with numerous high-profile virtual events including the global 100 Women of Destiny event where Linda shared the virtual stage with other visionaries including Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mallika Chopra and others.

Linda believes that when a woman discovers her true passion, believes in herself, and takes inspired action to move forward, that only success can follow. Her hope for every woman is that they realize their true potential, take action to bring it forward and in turn share their unique wisdom with the world.

Feminine Conscious Business Model

Now more than ever women yearn for connection, depth and authenticity in all their relationships including those they choose to do business with. Founder and Publisher Linda Joy’s mission and vision for life and business is to partner, play, collaborate and create with spirit-led, heart-centered female visionaries who are an energetic match for her tribe and audience.  

With no formal marketing education or background, Ms Joy’s intuitive, authentic marketing model had brought her multi-media publishing brands to a highly-responsive global audience. In late 2009, Ms. Joy relaunched Aspire Magazine on a digital platform using the 5 Success Principles that she created. Within the first 100 days of implementing her new system Aspire had a global subscriber base of over 10,000 women who embraced Aspire’s “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women”.

Ms. Joy passionately serves two distinct audiences. In her role as a Bestselling Inspirational Publisher and Interviewer she serves a global audience of female readers and listeners who embrace her brand’s message of love, inspiration and authenticity and have come to expect the best in inspirational content.

In her role as Conscious Business Catalyst Linda is a passionate advocate and supporter in assisting heart-centered female entrepreneurs in bringing their wisdom, gifts and message to her global audience in a ways that allows them to authentically connect with women around the world. Her in-depth multi-media marketing packages provide women with powerful and intimate ways to connect with their target audience. Ms Joy also works one on one with select women in bringing their authentic voice and message to their marketing. 

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