6 Tips to Recognize & Follow the Signs from the Universe

UniverseWhen we have questions or want to be certain of an answer we are making in life, signs from the Universe help guide us. Following these signs, with faith and trust, allow us to step forward confidently and courageously with our soul’s passion toward our dreams.

“Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign. Blocking Up the Scenery, Breaking my mind.
Do this. Don’t do that. Can’t You Read the Signs.”
~ Les Emmerson

These are lyrics from a popular song in the 70’s. We are inundated with signs all day long. The signs so many pay attention to are often not the signs that support our passions and our destinies. Rather, the signs we pay attention to are the one’s that pave the way with obstacles and frustrations.

Signs that DON’‘T help us are the one’s that given to us by ‘man.’ The signs from network news, the signs from those telling us what to do. Our minds can give us signs by having a negative mindset of ‘shoulds’ and ‘could haves.’ These, we certainly do not want to follow.

However, the Universe answers our questions all the time through a variety of formats. These are the signs that are the guideposts to our lives. These are the signs that when we understand how to call upon them, how to understand them and how to act upon them gift us clarity and courage to go in the direction of our soul’s purpose.

These signs from the Universe come in a variety of ‘shapes and colors’

Nature gives us answers in the form of elements (earth, air, water, fire), weather, and plants. A cloud foramation and even rainbows in the sky can be a sign for you.

Sounds help guide us. Sound in nature such as certain birds will give us the answer we are seeking. Songs will come over the airways with meaningful lyrics. Someone will say something that seems coincidental to our situation without their even knowing anything about the question we are asking the Universe.

Daily activities can be signs as well. For example, taking a wrong turn on the way to an appointment, taking an elevator down when trying to go up, or asking for coffee and having tea served are great signs. They can all be the gift to of understanding that a wrong choice is about to be made.

Signs. They do come in all shapes and sizes. These are all given to us to support us. When we are open, we will see them, appreciate them and understand the messages. Doing this will give us the confidence to go in a direction that often leads us to greater peace-of-mind and opportunities. Opportunities that give us great joy and abundance.

Here are six tips on how you can begin to cultivate an understanding of the signs showing up in your liife:

1. ASK: Always Seek Knowledge.

As in anything in life, understanding the signs of the universe is a skill and can be developed. Begin to cultivate looking for signs from the universe.  Start with easy questions to develop an innate understanding of what various signs mean to you. Once you do this for awhile, you can move onto asking those discerning questions that you want answers to that will guide your life forward.

2. Stand and BE at Attention.

To do this, you must slow down. To see the signs, you must pay attention. Signs from the universe are missed when we are running around on auto-pilot. We must be able to BE in the moment and BE keenly aware of our surroundings. Uplevel the antenna on our senses. What are you smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling? Doing this is vital to seeing the signs of the Universe. They are always available to you, but if you are in a hurry-up-and-go state, they are overlooked.

3. Ask Discerning Questions.

Deep soulful journaling, meditation and Being still with oneself and hearing the deep question cultivates this for us. The clearer our questions become and the answers are seen and heard. It is then confirmation (or as I like to say confidence) signs will become more vivid to us.

4. Cultivate a Dictionary of Meanings for Yourself.

Signs given each of us are deeply personal. Understanding their meanings, therefore, are extremely personal. Each of us will interpret signs differently. The best example of this is using skunks. So very many see these creatures as stinky and smelling up the works. Others resonate with their ability to put their noses up in the air and go about their own business. These are two very different meanings.

We can begin to cultivate meanings of various signs by paying more attention to our surroundings. Ask a question. Look at the sceneary and see something. Ask: If this were a sign what would it mean? For example: What does that billboard mean? It’s images? It’s words? What is the deeper meaning to these? Paying more attention is a fun game of curiousity that hones the skills necessary to understand and follow the signs in life.

Do not fully rely on Google or friends to captivate these personal meanings. It is best to start from within us. Then, if we want to have more information, ask for ideas about the meanings, compare, contrast these with the meanings we have for ourselves and add (or detract) concepts as necessary.

Too, focus on recurring signs. These will happen. Pay attention to these ~ particularly if they come in three’s and allow time for introspection to discover what they mean.

Of special note, is the Universe often has a sense of humor! The funnier the sign, the more powerful it just might be. People call these the cosmic 2×4’s ~ often coming after ignoring signs that are all around!

As we step into the art of ASKing, this internal dictionary will come into play for support.

5. Journal

Cultivate an understanding of the signs of life by reflecting upon them after they are seen. As this skill of ASKing and seeing is develops, the power of the pen will help magnify their messages.d

6. KISS the signs.

As you begin the practice of developing the skill to understand the signs from the Universe, many people want to complicate the process. Don’t! Kiss it ~ Keep It Simple Sister!

Find the Signs. Follow the Signs. Cultivating and following these six tips will allow understanding the signs in your life for greater clarity

The Universe wants to support us. It wants us to succeed.  It gives us signs all the time.  It wants us to understand it and follow it for our highest good!  To do this, we must get out of our own way. Allow the sign to come through and have trust and faith that it is true and atuthentic and there to support.

Understanding the signs of the Universe is one of the best ways to know we are on the right path or if a shift in direction is necessary. Seeing them and understanding them is the best way to have the truest confidence and courage to follow them passionately and without reserve.

The universe is always here to help us, so let it! This life doesn’t have to be complicated and full of drama. Begin to understand the signs to allow them to be guideposts on this magical journey for greater peace-of-mind, joy, love and passionate living.

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  • On of my signs when I’m on the right track in following my passion is that I begin to think in alliteration. The words just come in strings for me. Today it was the letter c. As I work on my plans, they just pop up. Combined focus. Cooperation and Collaboration. The power of collective energy, and so on. It just happens and I’ve learned to recognize it and trust it.