6 Hidden Money Beliefs That May be Holding You Back in Your Holistic Business

Holistic BusinessDo you have hidden money beliefs that are holding you back in growing your Holistic Business to the highest level?  Hidden money beliefs, the ones that you aren’t aware that you have, are the ones that will keep you stuck the most in your business. 

I will take you step by step to uncover your deepest money beliefs so you can release them once and for all.

4 Signals That You May Have a Hidden Money Belief That is Holding You Back in Your Holistic Business

  1. You are having money drama of some sort, not enough money, things breaking, someone near to you struggling with money
  2. You feel stuck in your Holistic Business—you aren’t attracting enough clients, clients who are willing to pay your fees
  3. You feel uncomfortable feelings when you go to charge more and therefore you hold back from doing it
  4. Instead of feeling a sense of joy and expansion around money you feel a lot of fear and constriction

Oftentimes the hidden beliefs we have been absorbed through what you have been exposed to throughout your life related to your gender, culture, industry and family.  This exposure to these beliefs are like the air you breathe, they are impacting you but are hard to see.

The 4 Layers of Money Legacy and What It Means for You and Your Financial Life.

Your Money Legacy is all of the beliefs and patterns that you have inherited about Money.  It is important to track the layers of each legacy so you can shift your pattern out of the groove of the pattern and create something different.

Gender legacy—What money beliefs come from being a woman in this culture? Do women have money?  Do you have lots of images of women with a lot of money or just the opposite?

Cultural—What Money beliefs does your ethnic group culture carry, if you are Asian, Indian, African American, Caucasian, What are the common money beliefs of your cultural background?

Industry—The field you work in—what are the money beliefs of your field?  Generally therapists, healers and coaches are not expected to make a lot of money (thank goodness this is changing!)

Family—Finally your family money beliefs legacy.  What are the belief patterns that you have inherited from your family around money?  Are you repeating those or stepping out of those?

3 Reasons Why Healing Money Patterns Is on the Front Burner of EVERYONE at This Time on the Planet

#1. Anything highly connected to fear and scarcity is being flushed to the surface to be cleared and healed right now.  The political and economic uncertainty has created a wave of fear that has been easily tapped into because the high level of fear around money that people have and have had for a long time.  It was bound to be activated so it could be released and healed.  So there is a collective healing going on right now and some people are jumping on the healing path and truly transforming their relationship with money while other people are staying fear stuck in fear and constriction.

#2. The political and economic uncertainty is causing people to question the long held beliefs and ways we have handled money.  There are great dialogues that are being held around the world and I believe this is just the beginning of this kind of reflection and transformation.

#3. What tends to hold people back from their Life Purpose is their tremendous fears about money and wanting to hold onto security.  When you really take the leap to start your own business it is about graduating in your level of consciousness to say I’m going to partner with the divine and take full responsibility for creating money.  It is now in my hands, my destiny with money.

Here are the most common hidden money beliefs that I see from coaching hundreds of Holistic Practice Owners and some tips on how to shift them.

The 6 Most Common Hidden Money Beliefs and How to Shift Them

  1. You can’t make money doing what you love

Look for role models of people who have make good money doing what they love.   The more examples you see the more you can make this shift.  I know I have been a role model for many Holistic Business owners that they CAN make money doing what they love!

  1. It’s difficult to make money these days

Brainstorm ALL the ways to make money.  Begin to see the process of making money, getting money as VERY easy.  Affirm, “Money comes to me easily”.  Open up all channels of abundance to come to you.

  1. If I have a lot of money, it means someone else is going to have less. I should not want more if others are struggling so much.

You become a role model for others who are struggling and you pull yourself to a much different place and create something very different.  You can help more by being abundant and sharing than by struggling

  1. I can’t be spiritual and wealthy at the same time

Embrace making money as part of your Spiritual path.  It is a reflection of you playing full out with your gifts and what you came here to the Planet to do.  Our very Spirits are abundant and having a lot of money is more in alignment with what Spirit wants for you.

  1. I have to work really hard to make money

Give yourself permission to have money come to you easily.  Sometimes this is a legacy thing if you saw a parent work so hard and then you shift the pattern you can feel like you are betraying them.  Release this and know that they very much want you to create something different.

  1. I don’t deserve abundance

This is often related to not seeing the beauty and magnificence of your Spirit and that just for being YOU, you deserve abundance in all areas of your life. Take a deep breath and affirm “As a magnificent Spirit my very nature is abundant, so when I am in alignment with who I am I can allow the full level of abundance to come to me”

You deserve to release the hidden money blocks that are holding you back in your Holistic Business. You are meant to be expanding to the fullest extent possible at this time on the Planet.  You are meant to be sharing your Spiritual Gifts to support the transformation on the Planet and to not have anything holding you back from this.  Here’s to shining your Divine light and bringing in the Divine Abundance that is part of your Divine Birthright!


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