5 Ways Intentions Can Help You Become a Health Goddess

Intentions, HealthWhat do you see when you think about a radiant and healthy woman? Is it someone who starts her day with an hour of yoga? Is it a woman who is slim and muscular? Does she eat a big salad and drink a green smoothie every day? Is she a runner? Does this woman make all her meals from scratch and from natural and organic ingredients?

And… How far is the image of this health goddess from your own reality?

If you are living your ideal healthy life-style – Congratulations! But if you are struggling to bridge the gap between living the radiant life you wish for and between what your reality actually is, it might be because you are stuck in wishful thinking. One tool that can help you is setting powerful and inspirational intentions.

What is the difference between wishes and intentions?

Wishes come from a place of lack, you wish for something that you believe you do not have.

Intentions come from a place of abundance, they recognize that you already have what you want, you just need to access it and allow it to manifest.

Wishes operate on the principal that what you want is outside of you, you need circumstances or people to be different first.

Intentions operate on the principal that what you want is inside of you, you have all the inner resources you need to make a change.

Wishes project the images of your deepest desires onto a far away future, someone you might “someday” become.

Intentions project the images of your deepest desires into the here and now, someone who is becoming at every moment.

The difference between wishing and setting intentions is the difference between waiting for something you don’t really believe could happen and knowing that with every step you are creating the radiant body and life of your ideal healthy woman.

Make your intentions super powerful and help them manifest faster by following these 5 steps.

Write them down.

When you just think about what you want, it is too easy to forget and get unfocused. Write down your intentions frequently and review them frequently. You can do it daily or weekly and the repetition will help you make them worthy of taking inspired actions that are aligned with what you want to create.

Make them clear.

The more detailed and specific your intentions are, the better they will manifest. For example, instead of writing “I want to feel more energetic”, think about what that will look like in your life and write “I go for a daily walk in nature, breath in the crisp fall air and feel my cells vibrating with energy”.

See them coming true.

You cannot manifest what you don’t believe. Envision yourself as already transformed. See it, feel it, taste it, smell it. See yourself as the radiant goddess of your dreams, see yourself as making the choices she will be making, see yourself already having the results of that she is having.

Release your resistance.

As the images of your dream life become more vivid, you will experience resistance and negative reactions. This is a very important step and if you skip it, you will likely sabotage yourself, so allow yourself to feel it. What is coming up for you? Maybe you feel that it will take too much time and effort to live a healthy life? Maybe you are holding on to ill health so you can have more down time and rest? Whatever the resistance, you can find a healthier solution like finding healthy prepared foods on days when you are busy and allowing yourself to slow down and rest.

Let go of perfection.

If your image of a healthy woman is someone who has a supermodel skinny body, craves only leafy greens and apples and has the flexibility of a rubber band, you need to adjust that. Many of the images we are bombarded with are not real. You are. You are real and beautiful and magnificent just the way you are and embracing yourself with love will help you make the changes that you so crave and long for.

Please share some of your intentions in the comments below. Writing them here can start the process of making them come true.

xoxo Rachel

Rachel Kieffer About Rachel Kieffer

Rachel Kieffer is a holistic health coach who helps women heal their relationship with food and their bodies and fall in love with a healthy life. You can get her free 'Healthiest Food Shopping List' at www.healthnutgirl.com

  • Cindy Harpe Hively

    My Intention today is to balance my coaching around Self Care! ❤️

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Yay!!! Weaving in self care is crucial Cindy.

  • Kelley Grimes

    I love this article Rachel and that you clarified that “Intentions come from a place of abundance.” My intention today is to nurture myself with healthy food, a few walks with my dog, meditation and a yoga class later in the day. Thank you so much for sharing strategies for success, especially to let go of perfection!

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Beautiful intentions, Kelley.

  • My intentions this year are to become stronger and have more energy, walk 10k a day. I eat healthy. Challenged right now with a bout of sciatica! ao that has slowed me down- letting go of perfection and seeing the ens is important to me xx

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Slow and easy Suzie,

  • Krystal

    Rachel! This is right on! Intentions are hugely powerful and being in alignment with one’s intentions is the key to manifestation. Great post! xoxo Krystal

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Thank you so much beautiful Krystal.

  • Lore Raymond

    Appreciating this powerful reminder, Rachel, “See them coming true. You cannot manifest what you don’t believe. Envision yourself as already transformed. See it, feel it, taste it, smell it. See yourself as the radiant goddess of your dreams, see yourself as making the choices she will be making, see yourself already having the results…” it’s why I hosted a Vision Map Workshop last Saturday as I NEEDED to do this envisioning work! lol

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Envisioning rocks Lore!

  • Reba Linker

    Beautiful, Rachel. Powerful definitions of the differences between wishes and intentions!

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Thank you beautiful Reba.

  • Barb Parcells

    Setting intentions works way better than trying to force yourself in a new behavior. It usually takes me about 3-4 weeks to establish a new habit when I set the intention first.

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Love it Barb.

  • Heather Kamine

    I love the way you wrote the 5 steps. Each are very important. My intention is to continue to nurture myself on a daily basis,

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Yes to nurturing Heather.

  • Meghan Humlie

    I am creating a practice of a daily review in the evening, writing down those things for which I am grateful and then setting my intention for the next day. I don’t keep score as whether my intentions are guiding my day. I cknow they are. As I move away from wishing, blaming ir feeling powerless there is change. Thank you for this post!

    • Rachel Kieffer

      Sounds wonderful Meghan.