5 Myths about Systems that Are Stopping You from Changing the World

I believe you’re here to change the world.

Being an entrepreneur, especially a spiritual entrepreneur, is a sacred mission. The world needs you.

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Hundreds or thousands of things to track, do, create, deliver, market, execute, develop, plan and be. Just reading that list is exhausting.

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed out and dropping balls? You’re juggling dozens of things at any given moment. This only works for so long.

Eventually, you miss a deadline, an opportunity, a commitment or worse a family dinner.

The constant mental gymnastics and physical strain it takes to be continually overwhelmed and racing to catch up is deeply depleting.

Luckily the solution to all of these challenges can be summed up in one word: Systems.

Now immediately you may be thinking, “systems are not for me.”

Stay with me. A system is a documented, repeatable processes in your business.

The value of systems is that they empty your mind of information, save you time and allow you to quickly and easily delegate.

If you haven’t created systems in your business you are likely buying into a damaging myth.

You see, anything that’s stopping you from growing your mission in the world is dangerous. I’m going to share with you now the top five myths about systems that are stopping you from changing the world so that you can take the power back.

  1. It’s faster to do it from memory.

The time it takes to write and develop a system is often the biggest barrier to an entrepreneur doing it. Yes, in the short term it may cost you a few hours, but the long-term return on investment is the important factor. Let’s do some motivating math.

Let’s say for example that by investing three hours in creating a system you will ultimately save 30 minutes a week. That means by spending three hours you’ll save 24 hours in the first year alone.

Now to put that into revenue terms, if your time is worth $100 an hour, you’ll have $2,400 more in your pocket. Dreamy, right?

  1. Systems don’t work for spiritual people like me.

As a spiritual entrepreneur being able to follow your inspiration and passion is important.

How often do you feel you have the freedom to live life on your own terms, while also getting the results you want?

Systems eliminate the chaos and create more time for you to be spiritually connected and following your instincts.

  1. I don’t need systems until I have a team.

This is a common and devastating misconception. When you don’t have, a team is when you need to be even more efficient with your time and energy.

We all have a finite amount of time and energy in a given day, week or year.

Systems help you have more time and energy by preventing wasted time through efficient action. They will also give you more energy because accomplishing things is easier. Not to mention all the mental space systems will save because you don’t have to keep all the hundreds of details in your head. As a solopreneur, this is all that much more important.

  1. You can’t have freedom with systems.

I’ve heard so many times that freedom is impossible with systems. The opposite is actually true.

Freedom is impossible without systems.

Systems enable you to keep business during business hours and protect your personal time.

Systems also make business-free vacations possible. I personally take off eight full weeks each year. Thanks to my systems and team my company continues to flourish during this time. My clients are served, marketing still happens and projects move forward.

This is all possible only due to systems and my amazing team.

  1. When I hire a team they’ll bring systems with them, so I don’t need to worry about it now.

There are four things wrong with this plan.

Most team members you initially hire will specialize in certain tasks or types of tasks, but not in systems. It takes a specific skillset and strategic perspective to create systems. Many team members are not equipped to nor interested in developing systems.

Team members expect you to be clear on what you want and the tasks they’ll be performing. It is your responsibility to train them and set the tone when you hire them. This is an extreme challenge, verging on impossible, without systems.

You should always have at least an intermediate level of understanding of all components of your company. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs get themselves into trouble by relying only on the knowledge of others. Learn the basics of everything your business is doing then delegate it. Without having a foundation of knowledge, you can get yourself in to a lot of trouble when you bring on a team.

Without systems, you can get stuck in a cycle of not getting results from your team. I know entrepreneurs who prior to working with me went through dozens or more team members they weren’t happy with.  Firing all of them because they didn’t have systems in place. Why? This happens because without guidance and processes you will get mediocre to poor results from any team you build.

I hope you can see now how if you are a business owner, especially a spiritual or creative business owner, systems are essential to the success of your company, and the success of your mission in the world.

Systems are a spiritual tool. They enable you to have freedom and increase your impact in the world.

The world needs more love. Start creating systems today so that you can spread more love and grow your impact.

Where to start:

–       Start by focusing on your regular activities and develop those into systems first.

–       Use the systems and refine them.

–       Next move on to documenting less frequent of more complex business activities.

Get stuck? Ask for help.

Keep going. The world needs you!

Katie Mazzocco About Katie Mazzocco

Katie Mazzocco, founder & Small Business Productivity Expert of Full Spectrum Productivity®, is the author of Revolutionary Productivity. Her mission is to equip entrepreneurs, passionate about changing the world, to save 2 hours a day or more in their business. Whether just getting started with systems or wanting to save time in your business, download Katie’s free checklist: 33 Systems Every Small Business Must Have to be Success