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Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry: Gaining Intuitive Access

Yes, invite your muse to join you for a cup of inquiry. Ask her what kind of tea she wants. Pour it, steaming hot, out of the kettle. Ask her if she takes honey. Listen for her answers in your own imagination. Pour yourself one. Bring a stack of paper and colored pens to the meeting. Slow down, show up, sit down. What questions pop into your mind? Is there something you have been grappling with that could use a hot pink epiphany? Note - you don’t need to choose answerable questions. Consider an inquiry … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

How My Family’s Lice Adventure Turned into a Lesson in Compassion


Well, let’s just say last weekend was even more adventure than I expected!  My family was excited to join 8 other families from school on a weekend camping and canoeing trip. We expected to have some new experiences in nature as we navigated the Wisconsin River and found an island to set up camp, but didn’t expect lice to be a part of the weekend. When we began to caravan to a weekend camping trip, I discovered my third daughter Avery had lice.  Yikes!  This was a first time experience for us and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Immediately I was struck by the opportunity to provide compassion to her because she was sad when her sisters wanted to stay clear of her.  This was a chance to accept what happened and talk to her about how it’s not her fault.   Have … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

7 Ways To get Back Into Healthy Eating

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“Eating healthy is a journey, not a race, take the scenic route and enjoy the view.” We all try to eat healthy, to the best of our knowledge and ability. But even the biggest health experts and the best intentioned health enthusiasts have meals, days and weeks that are less than perfect. It could be a vacation where you over indulge on too many desserts. Or a busy week where you didn’t have time to cook and had too many unhealthy takeouts. Or a few days with intense unhealthy cravings for foods that deplete you and make you feel blah. And before you know it you feel bloated, your digestive system is groaning and you feel like you lost your healthy mojo. No worries! The following suggestions will help you get back into making better food choices starting with … [Read More...]


In a Bad Relationship? Ask Your Heart What to Do


Why do women stay in bad relationships? There is a very simple answer to this. The fear of the unknown in the future is more overwhelming than the pain you are experiencing in the present moment. When something is unpredictable it can cause quite a bit of anxiety. You are creatures of habit. Consistency can feel like a snuggly blanket when we are cold. Knowing what you can expect feels like a comfortable pair of jeans. However, if you really look at your troubled relationship without judgement or anger, you might see there are options. Judgement is the ego keeping you in fear. It puts blinders on so that you can’t see other ways of doing things. Anger limits your creative thinking and keeps you stuck in negative energy. Think of the unknown as just a blank … [Read More...]

Career & Business

5 Truths That Will Ignite Your Light and Your Holistic Business

Holistic Business

It is time.  It is time to bring your bright, beautiful gifts to the world.  You are a Spiritual Leader and Visionary leading your Clients from the darkness into the light.  If you are honest with yourself right now on a scale of 1-10 how bright are you shining the light of your gifts?  With 10 being you are beaming at your brightest.  It is important to really open up to where you are truly at.  Be honest with where you are at so you can move beyond your blocks and bring yourself to a level 10.  The world needs you at a level 10 right now.  We as Spiritual Leaders all need to be at a level 10 now in bringing the fullness of our gifts in. Here are some guiding Truths to help uncover your light and bring it forward more powerfully right now so you can ignite your … [Read More...]