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#AspireMag Stacey Martino

Interview with Stacey Martino – Love and Passion Coach

Aspire Magazine is honored to introduce you to Love and Passion Coach Stacey Martino, Aspire’s Expert Relationship Columnist.  Stacey helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and helpless with the challenges of intimate relationship. Through strategic private coaching, programs and events for her Relationship Transformation System™, individuals learn to use her proven strategies and tools to create an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime. Stacey firmly believes that it does NOT take … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

Increase Your Awareness – Be Like a Tree

Lone Tree in Spring

Have you ever had the experience of buying a car, and then all of sudden it seems like you see that car everywhere? And you would even swear that prior to purchasing the car there were not very many of that model on the road. After all, that may have been one of the reasons you picked it. Or maybe you have driven on the same stretch of road over and over and over again. Then someone tells you about a business or a restaurant that is along your very familiar route, but you have never noticed it before. You may have even argued with them and insisted it wasn’t there. The next time you drive by, sure enough, there it is. You can tell it has been there for a while too. Although you have driven by it repeatedly you have never seen it before. But here is the thing, … [Read More...]

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10 Healthy Mini Changes You Can Make to Your Diet Today


Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Here are some small changes you may consider adding one at a time to your current routine. Play with them, see where they fit in, and decide whether they make a difference. When a change gives you more energy or gets you feeling a little better, note it and stick to it and it will just become part of your life — kind of like brushing your teeth. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated keeps your energy level high all day! It can also play a big role in weight loss and disease prevention. Most of us walk around dehydrated. Figure out a fun way to drink water — add lemon or lime, find a cool glass and straw that you love, fill a colorful pitcher or to-go containers – so you always have water near by.  Tell … [Read More...]


How to End an Argument with Your Kids


I had an interesting conversation with my son about the idea of revenge. He had been watching a show in which one of the main characters was seeking his revenge for the dastardly deed of an evil doer. We talked about what it means to seek revenge, the feelings that accompany that desire and what it might actually feel like once revenge has been accomplished. I told you it was an interesting conversation. These are big concepts for a 5 year old to grasp. Somehow, in that conversation I was reminded about an Albert Einstein quote - “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And then… the perfect metaphor came to me, and now… I want to share it with you. If you find yourself in a situation that is not what you … [Read More...]

Career & Business

5 Reasons Why People Want to Quit Their Jobs – Time to Choose Happiness and Shine!

Choose to Shine

“I’m ready for a change, but I’m not sure what my passions are, where to start and what direction is the best one to go in”. Some people have an idea of what their passions are but they lack the support on where to start and how to go about the changes they need to make, so they tend to stay where they are for years. As a Success and Purpose Coach I hear these messages over and over again and it saddens me, because I was there myself for years, so I relate to the feelings of pain, overwhelm, confusion and frustration. A lot of people spend years developing careers that appear to be fulfilling and successful on the outside, but very often, at some point, usually in midlife, there is a longing for more and they realize that their career comes up short. They … [Read More...]