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38 Gratitude Quotes That Will Open Your Heart to Grace | #AspireMag

38 Gratitude Quotes That Will Open Your Heart to Grace

Gratitude has a power that everyone, no matter her circumstances, can embrace. When we can ease into a state of gratitude within ourselves, regardless of what is happening around us, we make space for grace to take over―and that is when miracles start to happen! Discover the power of gratitude! Tap into the wisdom in these 38 inspiring quotes shared by women on the path of self-discovery. They will inspire you to embrace gratitude in every moment.Order Your Copy of #GratitudeandGrace Today! It includes … [Read More...]

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Do More Of What You Love: Living On Purpose

Do More Of What You Love: Living On Purpose by Angela Joyner

Two bricklayers are working alongside one another at a building site. A man walks by and asks one of them what they’re doing.The first bricklayer replies, "I don't know and I don't care. All I do is slap this crummy mortar on these crummy bricks and pile them up in a crummy line."The other bricklayer smiles, proudly proclaiming, "I'm helping to build the new cathedral." We have all met people who focus on the “what” they’re doing instead of the “why” they’re doing it. It’s difficult to feel passionate about something when we’re missing the meaning behind what we’re doing and why we’re here.  We all have been given unique gifts and abilities that are desperately needed in this world.  Unfortunately, many of us go through life never fully using our unique talents.  … [Read More...]

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Want to Improve Your Relationship with Your Body? Try Gratitude

Want to Improve Your Relationship with Your Body? Try Gratitude By Mary Pritchard PhD

Do you love your body? All of it? I didn’t used to. There was a time in my life where I couldn’t think of a single thing I loved about my body.Three months before my wedding date, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, placed in drug-induced menopause and told I would never bear children. I was 21. My soon-to-be-husband and I were devastated at this news. We hoped for a few years that my condition would improve, but after 5 surgeries in as many years and 3 rounds of drug-induced menopause, my body entered natural menopause when I was 26.That’s when I began to hate my body. I felt that my body was a traitor, a betrayer, that it had unfairly taken my God-given right to bear children away from me. So I began to punish it – subconsciously, but punish it the same. I became … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Align Your Energy and Attract Your Prince Charming

5 Ways to Align Your Energy and Attract Your Prince Charming by Stacey Murphy

When I think of love and romance, I have visions of being cherished, valued and pampered by a wonderful man who respects me and the relationship we’re building together.  A man who loves me for my brains and my heart just as much as he desires my body.  A man whom I trust to hold my heart in his hands with care.  A man who is my modern day “Prince Charming”.   I hope, dream and pray for this to be my reality.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve been told in romance novels, on TV and in chick-flicks that my soul mate is out there waiting for me to find him, for us to meet where the feelings are instantaneously recognizable.  We’re each other’s salvation.  We’ve found our other half which makes us feel complete.  From this point forward, life finally feels good. Do you … [Read More...]

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Business Success Tip: Let Your Light Shine!

Business Success Tip: Let Your Light Shine! By Minette Riordan

Are you passionate about what you do but struggling to articulate it or wondering how to share your passion with others? As part of an online art journaling group I belong to, we were asked to think about what makes us “shine.” So often, as little girls and young women, we are told it’s not okay to shine or to stand out. When it comes to creating a personal or professional image for our business, it's important to let your light shine. We know this, but it's not always as easy as it seems. Today's business tip will share some ideas for how to get started. This business tip is about winning the inner game and acknowledging and celebrating all of who you are!We can spend years and sometimes decades overcoming the belief that if we stand out, if we shine our brilliant … [Read More...]