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Radical Self-Care™: The Foundation for Creating Your Big Dreams

Welcome to the ongoing column series, Living A Radically Engaged Life™.  We are going deeper into what it means to live radically engaged and how living this way will bring out the very best you have to offer and best of all, to sustain this level of Being.  In this issue we are focusing on understanding a crucial foundational piece, your Radical Self-Care™.   “You can’t change your life without changing yourself. So get ready to change!” Because we are conscious life-learners we are … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

Five Ways to Nurture Yourself in Difficult Times


“Great joys make us love the world. Great sadnesses make us  understand the world.” ~Kent Nerburn There is certainly much suffering in the world that can invoke great sadness. The news is filled with so much tragedy and conflict. Many people feel out of control and overwhelmed by all the violence and suffering they witness. Often we respond to crisis by staying plugged into the constant news coverage or we unplug completely in an attempt to deny what is happening. Unfortunately these two approaches do not usually contribute to feeling more empowered because they do not acknowledge the foundation of how we are feeling. For many of us, tragedy triggers feelings of grief and fear. Understanding how these emotions impact us is an important part of caring for … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

The Body Never Lies


I have a purposeful intention in sharing myself and experiences within this penning that I love dearly. It is you, the readers and connections we make together. It is that one word or experience you can relate to that serves you well. At the same time it serves me well because I know deep in my heart and soul we are connecting on purpose, not by chance or luck. There is a Divine reason I write and you read. My chronic illness has been roaring its ugly head for months now and this past week I experienced physical, emotional and psychological pain and discomfort like never before. It was dark, it was scary, it left me so depleted but the question continued on not just in my mind but throughout my entire being. The question is, "what message am I to receive from … [Read More...]


Shift Your Perspective to Transform Your Relationship

Transform, Relationship

As I shared in part one of my ongoing Transforming Your Relationship column series, How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps, in each issue I will be guiding you deeper into each of the 8 transformational steps of my Relationship Transformation System® and give you a tool or strategy to implement to experience a shift in your relationships that day!  In this issue, we are covering Step Two: Shifting. If there’s one thing I know for sure, until you shift your perspective, nothing can change for you! Without shifting your perspective, you can try to use the tools and strategies that I can teach you, but you would be EFFORTING, pushing and trying to have GOOD behavior to create a shift, and that doesn’t last long term. Plus, have … [Read More...]

Career & Business

Is Work Life Balance Really Dead?

Work, Life, Balance

There are those that would say that work life balance is dead or, there is no such thing.  Some even go so far as,  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too, “ “You can’t be a good parent and have a career.  You have to choose”  More even profess that work life ‘integration’ is the ticket.  With the weekly work hours getting longer, technology allowing us to be largely ‘ on call’ or tethered to work even when we are not there, parents being faced with children who are largely committed to extra curricular activities and clubs in parents’ ‘free time’, more and more people are slipping into burnout. I believe work life ‘balance’ is simply an issue of semantics.  Often when we think of balance we imagine a scale with a fulcrum that has two sides which have to achieve … [Read More...]