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7 Journaling Prompts to Connect with Your Courage

Could you use more courage in your life? “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin to Pooh, ~ A.A. Milne It’s the beginning of the year and I am finding I need courage to get started. My husband and I have some big goals for our business that are going to require some planning and a lot of stretching outside of our comfort zone. Plus it’s my son’s senior year in high school and we are in college … [Read More...]

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Transcending Self-Images

The Wisdom Within | #AspireMag | Dr. Catherine Hayes, CPCC

The funny thing is, I used to joke that I would have to get hit on the head to “wake up.” Then, I had an accident which resulted in a head injury, and my awakening process began with a monumental jolt.   I think that I knew, deep inside, that there was more to me than who I was being and expressing. I strove, I struggled, I achieved. I worked, and worked, and worked―and it was never ever enough. Consciously, I wasn’t aware of how far I was from my true self, but there was a subconscious or unconscious knowing that came through in jokes like that one. Some part of me was asking for change―and the Universe took me literally!   I wonder, sometimes, whether I would have needed that whack on the head if I had been even a little more aware of and open to the fact that … [Read More...]

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5 Ways to Lovingly Nurture Your Body

5 Ways to Lovingly Nurture Your Body by Kelley Grimes | #AspireMag

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”~Astrid Alauda   Pause for a moment, breathe in and out, and check in with your body. Do you have any tension or tightness anywhere? Do you notice any pain or discomfort? Is there anywhere in your body that you do not have any sensation at all?    Now take a full body breath in and check in with how you feel about your body?    Are you feeling confident and uplifted when you think about your body or are you feeling critical and frustrated?    If you are feeling critical and frustrated you are not alone. Many women and girls struggle with body image issues and do not have high body esteem. The 2017 Dove Global Girls Beauty and Confidence Report showed that over half of girls around the world do not have … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: Is Your Relationship Caught in the Accidental Alignment Predicament?

Transforming Your Relationship: Is Your Relationship Caught in the Accidental Alignment Predicament? by Stacey Martino | #AspireMag

Recently, one of our Relationship Development students, Melissa, posted this question to me and our support team. I asked if I could share her question so we can all learn from this and she HAPPILY agreed!   “I’m looking for feedback on how to navigate a situation where my husband does something I don’t agree with in front of the kids.  This morning we all came upstairs. I was going to shower, change the kids and take them grocery shopping to give my husband some time to himself.  We had  just talked about this and I said I wanted to hit the store before it got too crowded.  I’m changing my two-and-a-half years-old son and my husband asks him if he wants to convert his crib to a bed, and my son says ‘yes’.  I was dumbfounded. We’d talked about it but put it … [Read More...]

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Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: How to Position Yourself as an Expert by Ann Sanfelippo | #AspireMag

It has been asserted that, in order to gain true expertise in any field, you need to be actively engaged with it for 10,000 hours. This is true even of those who have exceptional inborn talent.   Truly successful people don’t just have ability; they are willing to do whatever it takes to prepare themselves for success, including putting in those thousands of hours of practice. After all, some people have a knack for numbers, but no one is born knowing the ins and outs of investing!   If you are a new business owner (or even if you’ve been working in your business for a while), you might feel that, if you have to wait until you reach that magical 10,000-hour mark to call yourself an expert, you may as well throw in the towel right now. I’m here to tell you, don’t … [Read More...]