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#AspireMag Linda Joy

How Reclaiming My Authentic Voice Fueled My Business Success

My journey back to myself began back on Labor Day weekend of 2009. Little did I know that my dark night of the soul would lead to what you hold in your hands today—and so much more. I share my truth and journey with you to inspire you to believe that despite what your current circumstances look like—in life or business—you have the power to create something different.That fall weekend Aspire Magazine was about to begin ‘her’ fifth year as a highly-respected, full-color regional print magazine. At the time … [Read More...]

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The Struggle With Time

The Struggle With Time by Dr. Bonnie R. Nussbaum

Ever notice how, when you are on your true path in life, you have enough time to get done what's most important? And, have you also noticed that, when you're not following your true path, time seems to be a very limited commodity?  Everything seems to be demanding more and more of the time that appears to be less and less available to you.Recently I was journaling to try to sort through a stuck point and I wrote "I wish the path would become clearer to me.  I keep taking steps forward, trying to get greater clarity...or am I?"  The end of that sentence gave me pause.  When I really examined my actions, what I discovered was my Conditioned Self had again hijacked my plan for success by pulling me off on tangents.  In other words, I wasn't taking my "next best … [Read More...]

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How Empowering Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

How Empowering Are the Stories You Tell Yourself? By Kelley Grimes

“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” ~Iyanla Vanzant As a counselor and a writer, I am fascinated by the stories we tell about ourselves. I love to learn about people through their stories and find it enriches my understanding of different life experiences and deepens my compassion. At my writer’s lounge, a facilitator recently asked us to think of a story that we tell ourselves that has transformed our lives. She shared her story of strength, resilience and creativity as a result of surviving cancer. Another woman told the amazing story of having to lay off a man who responded with gratitude and told her that whenever he had been laid off before there had always been … [Read More...]


4 Sassy Tips to Mesmerize Your Beloved

4 Sassy Tips to Mesmerize Your Beloved by Stacey Murphy

The number one question I hear most often is, “How can I be more appealing and mesmerizing to men?”  In our day and age of technology and how-to books, you would think the answer could be found easily, but for many it hasn’t.If I were to tell you the answer is rather simple, would you believe me?  Men aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be.  A man who’s confident in his masculine nature will see what he likes, pursue what he desires and in the end, enjoy the spoils of his conquest.  I know this sounds very “Game of Thrones”, but even in our high-tech world, this primal nature of men still exists, but in a more refined way.  A woman that’s able to confidently mesmerize men, is a woman who embraces her feminine nature.  This is the symbiotic nature of the … [Read More...]

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How to Use Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Audience

How to Use Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Audience    By Jill Celeste, MA

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media sites out there, and it’s a superb tool for marketing your business or coaching practice.  If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s a photo-sharing site available as an app for your smartphone. Popular for “selfies,” it is also a great social media site for sharing your personal interests, behind-the-scenes photos of your business and connecting with potential customers.Here are seven tips on how to use Instagram for your marketing:#1: Post on Instagram on a regular basisThe more you use Instagram, the more you’ll get out of it. Consider posting a photo or graphic at least once a day. Did you know you can download photos from the web on to your phone’s camera roll and then upload to Instagram? This is a great … [Read More...]