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7 Journaling Prompts to Connect with Your Courage

Could you use more courage in your life? “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin to Pooh, ~ A.A. Milne It’s the beginning of the year and I am finding I need courage to get started. My husband and I have some big goals for our business that are going to require some planning and a lot of stretching outside of our comfort zone. Plus it’s my son’s senior year in high school and we are in college … [Read More...]

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Do You Have Interior Clutter Your Holding On To?

Do You Have Interior Clutter Your Holding On To? By Tarah Abram | #AspireMag

We often talk about the clutter in our homes and how it takes up space energetically!  But have you thought of the clutter you may be holding onto internally? When we experience emotions good or bad, and we hold on to that energy it can create discomfort within the body.  This can show up as physical discomfort, anxiety, depression, stress, and unwanted feelings or states of being.  Do you ever feel your throat getting all tense when you get upset?  Tears that want to flow but instead you hold them in? That is exactly what I am talking about!  We can’t hold onto that energy or we will end up full of “clutter” preventing us from experiencing the joyful lives we are meant to live! When we learn to channel our emotions and turn that energy into a different form, … [Read More...]

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4 Intentional Steps to Discover Your Passion

4 Intentional Steps to Discover Your Passion by Kris Groth | #AspireMag

What do you long for? That is a big question, isn't it?   Is there something you have always yearned for and have yet to find? Do you feel fulfilled in your life?   Even if you do, is there still something that still feels beyond your reach?  As humans, we are constantly searching, striving and reaching for something. Maybe that is part of our humanness, or part of the journey we are here to complete. We often ask ourselves the question...why am I here? Part of the answer to that question comes with discovering our purpose and our passion.   I see purpose as the bigger picture of what we are here to do in this life and how we are to serve. This may also be our passion, but not necessarily. They are often tied together, since both come from our soul and define … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: Is Your Relationship Caught in the Accidental Alignment Predicament?

Transforming Your Relationship: Is Your Relationship Caught in the Accidental Alignment Predicament? by Stacey Martino | #AspireMag

Recently, one of our Relationship Development students, Melissa, posted this question to me and our support team. I asked if I could share her question so we can all learn from this and she HAPPILY agreed!   “I’m looking for feedback on how to navigate a situation where my husband does something I don’t agree with in front of the kids.  This morning we all came upstairs. I was going to shower, change the kids and take them grocery shopping to give my husband some time to himself.  We had  just talked about this and I said I wanted to hit the store before it got too crowded.  I’m changing my two-and-a-half years-old son and my husband asks him if he wants to convert his crib to a bed, and my son says ‘yes’.  I was dumbfounded. We’d talked about it but put it … [Read More...]

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3 Ways to Create Deeper Purpose at Work

3 Ways to Create Deeper Purpose at Work by Lara Jaye #AspireMag

You have worked hard over the past many years to build your successful business. Every cell in your body says you were born to do the work that you are currently doing. You are at the top of your game relishing in all your outwardly success. Many may look to you as their mentor. Their boss. Their confidant. A leader.  Business is booming and life is moving fast. You’ve accomplished your goals in life/business while retaining high positions of honor.    But yet, something is off.   Something is missing. You are searching. Seeking something greater in life. Right now, everything seems meaningless. All the stuff. All the possessions you need to take care of.   What’s it all for anyway, you ask?   Even with all your money, status, and material abundance, your soul … [Read More...]