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Dr Debra Reble #AspireMag

6 Ways to Release Energy Blocks to Self-Love by Dr. Debra L. Reble

Releasing energy blocks opens us to self-love, and is an essential practice in being love. If we want to progress in self-love, love of others, and love of the world, we must release anyone or anything that impedes the flow of love within us, and restore peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives. Like removing the kinks from a garden hose to maximize the flow of water, releasing energy blocks allows us to become progressively more open to the flow of love. Every day we are presented with situations … [Read More...]

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Conscious & Creative Self-Care for Women in Transition

Conscious & Creative Self-Care for Women in Transition By Julia McCutchen

All of the women I work with are on the brink of some kind of transition within themselves and in their lives. Whether the details relate to taking the next steps with their creative ideas, writing aspirations, business vision or a mix of them all, the underlying theme is always to do with the emergence of a new level of self-discovery.A conscious and creative approach to self-care is an integral part of our work together because this is the way out of confusion and into clarity about what to release and what to embrace for the next stage of living their authentic truth.Major and MinorI know this process well as it’s one I’ve been consciously engaged with over the last 17 years following a life changing accident that turned my world upside down.A head injury … [Read More...]

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Sacred Self-Care: What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

Sacred Self-Care: What Does It Mean To Love Yourself? By Dr. Margaret Paul

One day, when I was dialoguing with my higher self, I asked her to teach me about the soul. She told me that our soul holds our gifts and talents, and is an individual manifestation of spirit, created in the image of God-which-is-love. She gave me a beautiful clear picture of our Divine essence being the aspect of the soul energy that is within our body, and showed me that the soul energy extends through the body and also surrounds it. She showed me that the part of the soul energy that extends outside of the body is the aspect that is in connection with the love and wisdom of universe.She showed me that our soul has been evolving throughout time and enters the body at its own particular stage of consciousness. I saw the soul as a bright light that enlivens the … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: The Space Within the Moment (TM)

Stacey Martino shares how Anthony Adragna chose kindness and love in the midst of a 'moment' and how it changed everything.

"Extraordinary relationships are not built in the good times, they are built during the tough times." ~ Stacey MartinoHave you ever had this experience? You are at your worst, lashing out, feeling ugly and not deserving when suddenly in that moment someone shows you KINDNESS in return?It’s rare.If you are fortunate enough to have had this experience….what happened next? What did you feel?You probably melted right? Came to your senses, apologized, let them know “it’s not you, I’m just upset about XYZ”.And how did you feel about that gracious person?You felt loyal to them forever, right? The bond that cannot be broken!  If you have not been blessed to have this experience, imagine what it would feel like. As I shared in the opening quote, [Tweet ""Extraordinary … [Read More...]

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10 Website ‘Must Haves’ That Will Attract the Clients You Wish to Serve

10 Website ‘Must Haves’ That Will Attract the Clients You Wish to Serve by Suzanne Moore

When you’re marketing online, you’ve got to have a place to call home, where people can find you and learn about who you are, who you want to serve, and how you can support them. You’ve got to have a website. Yours can be just an online business card, or it can be a client generating hub for you, depending on what your ideal followers find when they get there.Below you’ll find ten recommendations on what your website should include in order to attract just the right people to working with you.1. A Home Page VideoIn a crowded marketplace, having a video on your home page is a simple way for you to show potential clients the authentic you. Allow your personality to shine through as you describe your services, how to get started working with you, and make an emotional … [Read More...]