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Radical Self-Care™: The Foundation for Creating Your Big Dreams

Welcome to the ongoing column series, Living A Radically Engaged Life™.  We are going deeper into what it means to live radically engaged and how living this way will bring out the very best you have to offer and best of all, to sustain this level of Being.  In this issue we are focusing on understanding a crucial foundational piece, your Radical Self-Care™.   “You can’t change your life without changing yourself. So get ready to change!” Because we are conscious life-learners we are … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

The Solar Plexus: Your Power Source

Solar Plexus

Your 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra or in Sanskrit the name is Manipura (Mani means ‘jewel’ and pura means ‘dwelling place’). Your Solar Plexus Chakra sits behind your navel and the effect of it radiates just above and just below. This, my friends is your power source!  This is the place where all that has been sealed from the first and second Chakra culminates.  If you still haven’t balanced your 1st and 2nd Chakras you will need to do that before you can truly access and harness your power in your life.  The Solar Plexus is the energy center of personal power, mental activity, self-esteem and willpower! Chakra Color:  Yellow Gland that is associated: Pancreas Body parts that are managed by the Solar Plexus Chakra:  digestive System and organs, skin, breath, … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

Foods That Help With Cravings

Cravings, Food

When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food. Something that is high in calories, low in nutrients, processed and quite unhealthy. Is that what you tend to crave when craving kicks in? What is your go-to craving — chocolate chip cookies? A big bowl of ice cream? Personally, rippled potato chips have always been my down fall! I’ll be honest with you — I believe in a balanced life. I’m not saying to never enjoy a sweet treat again — not at all. The issue with ingesting processed foods and the chemicals that come along with them on an ongoing basis is the danger of addiction. We absolutely don’t want that, as it can disrupt the way our bodies function and wreak havoc in more ways than you can … [Read More...]


Shift Your Perspective to Transform Your Relationship

Transform, Relationship

As I shared in part one of my ongoing Transforming Your Relationship column series, How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps, in each issue I will be guiding you deeper into each of the 8 transformational steps of my Relationship Transformation System® and give you a tool or strategy to implement to experience a shift in your relationships that day!  In this issue, we are covering Step Two: Shifting. If there’s one thing I know for sure, until you shift your perspective, nothing can change for you! Without shifting your perspective, you can try to use the tools and strategies that I can teach you, but you would be EFFORTING, pushing and trying to have GOOD behavior to create a shift, and that doesn’t last long term. Plus, have … [Read More...]

Career & Business

Your First 4 Steps for Your New Coaching Business

Coaching, Business

Do you have a plan for your new coaching business? You must know what you want in order to be able to measure your results. If you want to succeed, that is. If you don’t have a plan, you will flounder, waste time, stay distracted and unfocused. That’s where I was in the beginning, exploring my options and wondering what to do next. I had an idea, but I didn’t know how to bring it to fruition. Here are the crucial first steps that gave me the start I needed. 1. I hired a coach. Some coaches think they can be a coach without having one themselves. Does that ever work?  No. Because without your commitment to your own growth, you will not attract others who want coaching. Simple.  My coach really understood me as a healer, who I was, and where I was stuck. After I … [Read More...]