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#AspireMag Louise Hay 2014

Loving and Nourishing Yourself to Great Health with @LouiseHay

"Claim your free subscription to Aspire Magazine to read the full article including Louise's beautiful full color "Affirmations for Loving Yourself to Great Health"  in the October/November "Fearless Living"  issue of Aspire Magazine with over 90 pages of feminine wisdom." At 88 years of age, I can say that health and happiness are the most important tenets of my life. Many of you who have read my books know that I didn’t have an easy childhood, nor any of the advantages of money or education for much … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Find Your True Path

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You know that little voice inside you that tells you something doesn't feel quite right? Or that feeling you get that there's more going on than appears on the surface?  Those feelings aren't just empty feelings; they come from a beautiful thing called your intuition that is always looking out for you. It meets you where you are, in the very situations that mean so much to you – especially in love and the relationships with the people in your life who mean so much to you. It's why you're exactly right when you sense that something's changed and that a conversation is needed to clarify what's really going on beneath the surface. It's why you feel comfortable with sharing your heart and soul with some people, but close up and keep things close to your chest … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

The Untold Story of Inflammation and Weight Gain

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Depending on how many decades you’ve been alive—and how many of those decades you’ve spent trying to control your weight, you’ve probably seen many diet fads come and go. The 1990s had the low-fat revolution, the cabbage soup diet, and the lemonade cleanse, to name just a few. The 2000s had the high-protein, low-carb obsession. You may even remember the high-protein, low-carb thing going around in the 1970s as well. One of the basic principles that well-meaning health practitioners have promoted for years is that weight loss always comes down to calories in versus calories out—that whether you eat a balanced, health-promoting diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean protein or a bunch of processed junk, as long as the calories are right, you’ll lose … [Read More...]


Blessing and Releasing Unhealthy and Unfulfilling Relationships

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Maintaining unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships can drain a person’s life force, while letting go of them empowers us to shift our reality and create space for new relationships that enhance our growth. Blessing and releasing such relationships with unconditional love and integrity can teach us how to forgive our past, heal ourselves, and generate positive energy to progress on our spiritual path toward greater growth and fulfillment.  If we do not break clean from an unhealthy relationship and stop investing energy in it, we will continue to desperately keep it alive while knowing in our hearts that our spirit has already left it, causing us to feel dead inside. Many relationships come to a pivotal point where one person has grown to such a degree that the … [Read More...]

Career & Business

5 Time Management Habits that are Good for You (and your Business)


Not all habits are bad you know… Creating good habits in your life and business are a simple way to get more done and still have time for fun.  If you’re anything like me, then living life and being happy is extremely important to you.  Here are five time management tips that help me, as well as my clients, reach our personal and business goals.   1. Map out a month in advance: (at least! ) You know how fast time flies, so planning out a month in advance should be very easy. I personally plan out 3 months at a time. It keeps me focused and my eyes on the next big things that are happening. Put aside about an hour or so, pull out all your calendars… the online one and the backup paper calendar. Be sure to highlight all the big dates coming up. … [Read More...]