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Nancy Levin, Aspire Mag

Interview with Nancy Levin, Bestselling author of  Jump… and Your Life will Appear

Aspire Magazine is honored to introduce you to Nancy Levin. Nancy, bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear and Writing For My Life, is a Certified Integrative Coach through The Ford Institute For Transformational Training. Since 2002, she’s been the Event Director at Hay House, Inc. producing experiential events and innovative conferences, focusing on self-empowerment, health and spirituality, while weaving in her own story and poems to connect with audiences around the world during … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

7 Ways Animals Power Up Your Feminine Intuition!

Hamster Posing on Exercise Wheel

As a woman would you agree with me that you are soulfully awesome and exude unending creativity, confidence, beauty and wisdom? Would you also agree that you share an innate gift to be deeply and profoundly connected to the world around you via your intuition? Yet, knowing and experiencing all of this wonderment of your feminine power do you find there are still times when you completely forget how to tap into your feminine nature and get yourself into trouble? Or feel totally alone and maybe even hopeless with your situation? Here is the thing…I know exactly what you are feeling and I have been there! Yet, what if I told you that you can experience a very profound engagement of your feminine power just by trusting and engaging with the opinions and … [Read More...]

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Beauty Breath Meditation

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Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The energy of the universe contains a sacred field of infinite magic power that every heart- filled intention can reach.   Its potential to manifest beauty and all things sits inside the hidden vibratory waves it owns that can be awakened.  Many sages, saints, and spiritual masters across the ages share their insights about this secret hidden force and guide us to go within to find it.  There are secrets in our breath that can help link us to this higher energy if we can commit to breathing more consciously—and then the power of that breath becomes divine. “If there is anything divine in you, it is your breath.” ~Yogi … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: Your Greatest Power is Your Femininity


Your greatest power is your femininity. Ironically, it somehow our femininity got lost along our journey to empowerment. The experience that we have of a woman who is truly in her feminine is called “feminine radiance”.  When a man experiences a woman’s feminine radiance, he is captivated and magnetized to her, like a moth to a flame. Unlike what most women think, true femininity is not weakness. Femininity comes from a willingness to be vulnerable.  And anyone who is vulnerably open will tell you that it takes a hell of a lot more strength to BE open (feminine) then it does to protect yourself and close up (masculine). Unfortunately, in today’s society it is quite rare to experience a woman who is authentically open in her feminine radiance. Out of … [Read More...]

Career & Business

Rock Your Feminine Type to Rock Your Business

Rock Your Feminine Type | Aspire Mag

You are the leading lady of your life. You play yourself in this role, and you’ve been playing her for as long as you can remember. In fact, she was well established by the time you were in grade school, and she is probably running your business right now! It is important that you know all about this leading lady role of yours—your Feminine Type. Take a look at the brief description below. Which Feminine Type sounds like you the majority of the time? The Loyal SWEETHEART is the reigning queen of nice, but she doesn’t wear a fancy crown or put on airs. She’s really the girl next door—simple, humble and a little shy. She doesn’t try to impress anyone or be someone she’s not. She has a calm, nonjudgmental presence that allows people to relax and just be … [Read More...]