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How a Self-Love Experiment Can Help You Become Your Own Best Friend

I HAVE WHAT I refer to as a guru. But he is also my life coach, adviser, and healer. The last time I met with him, he told me, “You will find lasting love when you love yourself. Your only homework is to Love Yourself.” I felt like a helpless child watching as an adult dangled candy in front of me. The sweet thing I wanted so badly in my life was right there in front of me yet completely out of my reach. His words echoed in my mind: “All you have to do is love yourself and you will have everything you … [Read More...]

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5 Simple, Yet Powerful, Habits for Living in the Now

Habits, Present Moment

From birth, we’re pressured to plan, project, and plot out our lives. And while I heartily advocate envisioning your future, ancient wisdom reminds us that our best possible future begins now — and, more specifically, in being able to live in the now. What does this mean? Think back to your last captivating conversation, walk in nature, or some enchanting street. Or think about the last time you created art, music, a craft, or a great meal. You were fully focused and engaged with what was inside and out. Life was rich, full of color and dimension. Do you remember what it felt like to be fully present in that moment? Intentionally getting to this state can sometimes be difficult. Today, we battle not only our future-centric conditioning, but also the endless … [Read More...]

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Inspire More Passion & Energy into Your Life with Creativity


Is life wearing you down? Turn to the creative arts as a way to channel negative energy into inspired action. In my work as a licensed psychotherapist, I learned how expressive art therapy decreases anxiety, depression, distracts from pain, processes grief and trauma. In addition to these mental health benefits, creativity helps you manifest your goals. Art works well in overwhelming situations, in which you have difficulty putting your thoughts and feelings into words. Why creativity works well with empaths and HSP’s Creativity works well with empaths and highly sensitive people because it gives you an outlet for all of the energy you absorb. The bombardment of stimuli from other people, places and things takes a toll and drains you. For this reason many … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: How to Forgive and Start Anew in Your Relationship

Relationship, Transformation

If you’ve been following along in this 6-part Transforming Your Relationship blog series covering our 8-Step Relationship Transformation System, at this point, you’ve created a vision for your relationship, you’ve had a perspective shift so you actually SEE the dynamics in your relationship differently than you have before,  you’ve used tools and strategies that work to shift yourself and create a change with your partner, you learned how to become a team and create a rock-solid relationship –where nothing and nobody and come between you, and today I’m going to share Step 5, which is “Start Anew”. Starting Anew is about wiping the slate clean, releasing all hurts, betrayals, pain, and things not yet forgiven.  By definition, when there are things that have come … [Read More...]

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Six Ways to Generate Compelling Client-Centric Blog Posts

Blog Post

As a heart-centered, service-minded entrepreneur, you want to authentically connect with your ideal clients. In many circles, this is known as “marketing.” Before you shudder and turn away, know you can market in a way that feels great to both your potential customer and you. One tool to create connection and value is publishing a blog. I could spout off many statistics about why you ought to blog, but I won’t.  Why? Because I want to encourage you to dig deep and examine your “WHY” and determine how you can share incredible resources and information with your ideal clients because that’s just how you roll. At the end of the day, blogging demonstrates your authority and builds rapport with potential clients while keeping the current ones engaged. Your influence … [Read More...]