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How a Self-Love Experiment Can Help You Become Your Own Best Friend

I HAVE WHAT I refer to as a guru. But he is also my life coach, adviser, and healer. The last time I met with him, he told me, “You will find lasting love when you love yourself. Your only homework is to Love Yourself.” I felt like a helpless child watching as an adult dangled candy in front of me. The sweet thing I wanted so badly in my life was right there in front of me yet completely out of my reach. His words echoed in my mind: “All you have to do is love yourself and you will have everything you … [Read More...]

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Why Gratitude?


Why should we cultivate gratitude?  I often think it’s a term that’s bantered around a lot without giving it real significance.  So much of the time, we are stressing about things that may not even be happening, when we worry, our mind focuses on the negative, on lack and on the future.  We aren’t in the now, when we are worrying. We are imagining scenarios of gloom and doom, and they aren’t even real.  It’s pure imagination and it causes so much anxiety.  When you cultivate a gratitude practice, by recognizing all the great things that are happening in your life, you change and so does the world.   When you stop complaining, stop worrying, and learn to give your attention to what is true and good about your life right now, something shifts.   Your focus goes … [Read More...]

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You’re Not Broken Because You’re an Introvert


Growing up, I had always felt different. Like something was not quite right with me. My teachers said, “She’s so quiet!” My parents prodded, “Why don’t you talk more?” My friends, surprised and a little hurt, asked, “You don’t want to hang out again today?”  In so many little ways, I was the weird one.  As an adult, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being “different.” I worked as a journalist for a few years, then went back to school to become a teacher. My graduate program was full of outgoing would-be teachers who always had something to say. They sat in little groups on breaks, bursting with energetic chatter, even after we’d just spent hours doing collaborative learning or having a group discussion. I, on the other hand, bolted for the door as quickly as … [Read More...]


Enlightened Parenting: Create Community

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My kids and I were doing puzzles together on the patio floor when it dawned on me: I was lonely. They were joyous companions, but I needed more (and likely so did they). My closest friend had moved far away, and like most of us in the suburbs, I barely knew my neighbors. Our family life was filled with play, work, chores, activities, and love, but we were missing a sense of belonging to a larger whole.   Generations ago, no one needed to think about community. Friends and extended families lived in the same neighborhood for decades, so everyone knew everyone. Although I’d never experienced this—and I imagine there was some claustrophobia involved, and at least an occasional wish that people weren’t privy to all of your business—there’s also something profound in … [Read More...]

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5 Myths about Systems that Are Stopping You from Changing the World

I believe you’re here to change the world. Being an entrepreneur, especially a spiritual entrepreneur, is a sacred mission. The world needs you. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Hundreds or thousands of things to track, do, create, deliver, market, execute, develop, plan and be. Just reading that list is exhausting. How often do you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed out and dropping balls? You’re juggling dozens of things at any given moment. This only works for so long. Eventually, you miss a deadline, an opportunity, a commitment or worse a family dinner. The constant mental gymnastics and physical strain it takes to be continually overwhelmed and racing to catch up is deeply depleting. Luckily the solution to all of these challenges can … [Read More...]