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Aspire Mag Feb/Mar 2018 Inner Prosperity Issue with Patricia Young

Prosperity from the Inside Out

When we hear the word “prosperity,” we usually think of financial abundance, material possessions, and external factors that contribute to our happiness and success in life.   But what about “inner prosperity”? Have you ever thought about what that might mean?   Without inner prosperity, we may have financial wealth and material comfort and yet still find ourselves searching to continuously gather more and more superficial wealth. When this is the case, our happiness is dependent on expectations, … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

A New Way of Seeing the World

A New Way of Seeing the World by Corinne Zupko | #AspireMag

We hold many false perceptions in our mind. These false perceptions are purposeful blocks to our peace of mind. Paradoxical though it may seem, we hold on to mistaken ways of seeing because they make us unhappy. We’re all addicted, to some degree, to being afraid and miserable. But we’re not usually aware of this addiction, and that’s what can make the world seem cruel or scary. We think our problems or enemies are “out there” in the world, but in fact they’re mostly within our own habitual, unproductive ways of seeing. And they are hard to undo without extraordinary help.  Fortunately, you have an effective way to change your ways of seeing, and that is through your Inner Therapist. What I call the Inner Therapist is also known as the Holy Spirit, your Higher … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

5 Symptoms of Self-Neglect and 5 Self-Nurturing Cures

5 Symptoms of Self-Neglect and 5 Self-Nurturing Cures by Kelley Grimes | #AspireMag

"Train yourself to listen to that small voice that tells us  what's important and what's not."  ~Sue Grafton  Have you been listening to and attending to everyone else’s needs but your own lately and found yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Have you been living this way for so long that it just feels normal? Well if so you are not alone. Many people, especially women, focus on meeting everyone else’s needs in their personal and professional lives, which leaves little time and energy left to meet their own needs.   When we give more of ourselves than we have to give without nurturing and rejuvenating ourselves, we end up living from a deficit. Like with our bank accounts, if we spend more money than we have and do not deposit more we end up in … [Read More...]


How to Get the Playfulness, Fun & Flirting Back into Your Relationship!

How to Get the Playfulness, Fun & Flirting Back into Your Relationship! By Stacey Martino | #AspireMag

Do you LONG for the playful, fun, flirting and excitement that you used to have in your relationship?   Sometimes it feels like life has become one GIANT responsibility!  Well, I’m here to tell you that you better start taking your FUN more seriously…your relationship depends on it!  Between the house, the kids, the business, the jobs and everything else … somehow, “having fun, flirting and being playful” flew out the window (a long time ago).   We’re just going around and round on the hamster wheel of life – making sure it all gets done, and that everything and everyone is taken care of. (Everything except ourselves and our intimate relationship!)    We’re stuck in what I call, ‘over-responsibility’!  We lose the fun, playfulness, and the flirting energy … [Read More...]

Career & Business

10 Strategies to Un-Suckify Your Bio

10 Strategies to Un-Suckify Your Bio By Deborah Kevin | #AspireMag

Have you ever been asked to provide a bio, only to think, “Bio? Why do I need a bio?” You may also be wondering how a bio is different from a résumé or C.V.  A bio, short for biography, is a promotional summary written in essay format highlighting the most important aspects of you and your experience. Bios come in varying lengths from 50 words to 250 words. (Goddess trick: your compelling bio can be the basis of your website’s About page.)  A résumé (or C.V.) is a linear, bulleted list of accomplishments and jobs held, typically used when seeking a job.  If you’ve come from the corporate world, it’s likely that your bio may sound rather stilted and résumé-like (that’s code for uninteresting). Non-corporate types may also suffer from the résumé-style bio. We’ve … [Read More...]