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Interview with Stacey Martino – Love and Passion Coach

Aspire Magazine is honored to introduce you to Love and Passion Coach Stacey Martino, Aspire’s Expert Relationship Columnist.  Stacey helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and helpless with the challenges of intimate relationship. Through strategic private coaching, programs and events for her Relationship Transformation System™, individuals learn to use her proven strategies and tools to create an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime. Stacey firmly believes that it does NOT take … [Read More...]

Wisdom & Self Growth

Practice Goal Setting Like a Kid

set goals sign chalkboard

A Child’s Approach to Goal Setting Kids have no problems with goal setting.  If they want to do something, they confidently proclaim that they are going to do it.  If you’ve interacted with small kids at all, chances are you have heard them make statements like this… “I’m going to be an astronaut!” “I want to be a dancer!” “I’m going to be a firefighter just like Pop Pop!” Not only do they make confident declarations, but they also have absolute faith that they can be anything they can imagine. When a kindergartener shouts, “I’m going to be an astronaut,” most adults are supportive and say something like, “That’s great Tori!  The next time we’re at the library we can look for books about astronauts. Maybe you could even dress up as one for … [Read More...]

Health & Wellness

10 Healthy Mini Changes You Can Make to Your Diet Today


Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Here are some small changes you may consider adding one at a time to your current routine. Play with them, see where they fit in, and decide whether they make a difference. When a change gives you more energy or gets you feeling a little better, note it and stick to it and it will just become part of your life — kind of like brushing your teeth. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated keeps your energy level high all day! It can also play a big role in weight loss and disease prevention. Most of us walk around dehydrated. Figure out a fun way to drink water — add lemon or lime, find a cool glass and straw that you love, fill a colorful pitcher or to-go containers – so you always have water near by.  Tell … [Read More...]


DESIRE: The Life-Force of Your Relationship

Desire Stacey Martino

Do you crave your partner all day long? Do you walk around all charged up, consumed by the thought of touching him, grabbing him, smelling him and feeling him next to you? Are you just electric with the energy of desire that you have for your man…impatiently anxious for the next time you can get in his pants? Does your man crave you and desire you to the point that he can’t keep his hands off of you anytime you are near? Does he walk by and whisper in your ear all the things he’s going to do to you later to take you to new heights of pleasure and wild abandon? No? Sound like a fantasy? I used to think that too….but now, that could describe any moment of any day of the week in our house! No, we are not “newlyweds”…. Paul and I have been … [Read More...]

Career & Business

Four Strategies to Make the Most of a Career Change


We have all heard stories of someone who started looking for a new position because of her dissatisfaction with her current job. After some searching, she finds a position she is very excited about and which she is sure will be the career change that will put her on the path to her dream job and dream life. Fast forward a year or two and this person is again talking about searching for a new job because the one she is in just isn’t “working out.” Or how about the entrepreneur who left her job to start her own business so she would have more control over her schedule and a better work-life balance. Yet she often finds herself awake at midnight, exhausted and scrambling to meet another deadline. Now think about your current situation.  If you are considering … [Read More...]