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Stacey Curnow #AspireMag

Interview with Stacey Curnow, Purpose and Success Coach

Aspire Magazine is honored to introduce you to Stacey Curnow. Stacey is a purpose and success coach who recently left behind a 20-year career in nurse-midwifery – helping women give birth to babies – to help women (and some very cool men) give birth to their BIG dreams. She published a best-selling children’s book, Ravenna, and is currently writing Pain Body Proof, a book that expands on a concept first articulated by Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth. She is the Featured Life Purpose expert for … [Read More...]

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The Journaling Circle

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Ever since I can remember I have loved to write. If I could sum up my memoir in six words it would be “I live to write and heal.” As an adolescent, I called it my diary. This was my own special place where I could record my thoughts, my feelings without anyone criticizing me and without judgment. Sometimes I was consistent with writing, sometimes I wasn’t, but in the back of my mind, I knew this was something I could turn to as a safety net. Little did I realize back then how influential writing was for me in my self-development until later on in my adult life. It was in 1998 I believe when my sister introduced me and my father to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I was in between Jobs, and even though I had chosen a particular career path, I felt something was … [Read More...]

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Reboot Your Body For 2015 By Doing What You Love

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Months after delivering my third child, I stood barefoot on the cold scale in my doctor’s office, the metal weights swung up and down, settling in at 192 pounds. I felt nauseous and embarrassed, devastated. I had been struggling with obesity since childhood, but gaining forty-five new pregnancy pounds was a living nightmare. I knew I had to do something different. Not a fan of calorie counting, self-control, or overt food deprivation, I developed a structured, yet intuitive approach, changing my thoughts and behavior regarding food. I tuned into my body’s natural communication system and practiced a feast and famine model, losing 55 pounds without cutting out any food groups. These simple rules will help you put a lid on overeating, restore your inner guidance … [Read More...]


Transforming Your Relationship: Brick or GlassTM?

Stacey Martino Brick or Glass?

When Linda told me that this issue of Aspire was about creating a life you love…my head nearly popped off my body! Oh, the things we could talk about! Where to begin! Creating a life you love is the foundation for everything!  I passionately believe that your entire life is of your creating. What you love about it and what you hate about it…you created it. I passionately believe that “Magnificent love affairs are created and not found”. In fact, it’s the foundation of our 8 step relationship transformation system and how we teach people all over the world to create their unshakable love and unleashed passion…because it is absolutely created! But I’m not going to talk to you about any of that today. NOPE. Buckle up buttercup…because it’s ON! Paul and I … [Read More...]

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5 Key Spiritual Principles to Grow Your Holistic Business

Shelley Riutta

Aspire Magazine is honored to welcome Shelly Riutta to our team of expert columnists. Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC is the founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching. She is a Holistic Psychotherapist and creator of a 6-figure Holistic Psychotherapy practice. Because of her success at creating a thriving Holistic Practice she launched the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching (GAHP) which supports Holistic Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners to develop Thriving 6 Figure Holistic Practices and learn about Holistic MethodsTM to accelerate the results of their Clients.  Attention Therapists, Coaches and Healers! Visit the www.TheGAHP.com and download Shelley’s in-depth 6 piece Holistic … [Read More...]